Can vinegar wash out black hair?

Take stock of folk UFA remedies!

Can vinegar wash out black hair?
Take stock of folk UFA remedies!

Working overtime, staying up late, not sleeping well, eating not fragrant, Xiaobian once had a black hair and a few bright silver hair?


I am still a baby!

There is not much nonsense to say that the Internet search “how to turn black hair” is a bit of a question when reading Xiaobian. Are these methods really reliable?

Vinegar wash hair vinegar said: Chen Hao can’t do it!

Think big and think about this, and know that this is too unreliable, and vinegar has such a big ability to apply for Ufa patents.

Never use it, it may hurt the scalp.

Pulling your eyes clean is not annoying?

Be careful to cause hair loss!

Legend has it that “white hair pulls a long three”, but don’t worry, pulling out will not grow more white hair.

Because the color of the hair is black, it is determined by the melanin particles synthesized by the melanocytes in the hair follicle. When the melanin particles are small, the hair will turn white.

The act of pulling white hair naturally does not affect melanin.

Although the white hair does not grow more, the violent removal of the hair may cause the hair follicle to cause a wound, causing the hair follicle to become inflamed, and the hair is not black back, and hair loss will occur.

If the white hair is just a few roots, you can ask the little friend to help you find the white hair, and use scissors to “smear” the hair root to cut it.

Black rice, black beans, black sesame black food may not be black sesame seeds, black beans, black rice and other black foods are indeed very nutritious, and they all have certain benefits for hair health.

It does not mean that eating black food will definitely make the hair black. The pigment in the food is not involved in the synthesis of hair follicle melanin.

Because there are many reasons for whitening hair, including lack of nutrition, stress, genetic and improper care, etc., did not find the root cause, it is naturally difficult to eat these foods.

The effect of garlic, ginger and scalp is unknown. The scalp may be inflamed. People apply ginger and garlic on their heads. They want to stimulate the scalp, speed up blood circulation and promote hair growth to achieve hair loss and new effects.

However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that garlic and ginger have such a role, and these irritating substances are applied to the scalp, which may also cause scalp damage. It is recommended that you do not try it easily.

The effect of eating Polygonum multiflorum needs to be confirmed, but it is the most commonly used drug for treating white hair when it is not eaten. However, its effect has yet to be confirmed, and it is not right to eat, too much, and may cause liver damage.

If you try to eat Polygonum multiflorum, it must be the processed Polygonum multiflorum, that is, the preparation of Polygonum multiflorum, and must be taken under the guidance of a professional doctor, regular check liver function, absolutely can not eat yourself!



White hair becomes black, and the N methods of relieving 1 relax the spirit, and the sleep should be redundant; 2 have more exercise, keep the blood circulation of the whole body unblocked; 3, do nothing to give the scalp a “horse kill chicken”, used toComb your hair with a comb, rub your scalp with your palm or your fingers, 1 time each morning and evening, 3 minutes each time, comb or lick 30-40 times per minute; 4 diet should be balanced, eat more food supplemented with B vitamins(such as lean meat, nuts, beans, egg yolks, vegetables, etc.); 5 is not good, you can choose qualified, non-allergic hair dye products, regular hair dye.

Small reminder: young people with long hair, in addition to genetic factors, usually because of malnutrition, rest is not good, mental stress, may also be vitiligo, mottled disease, alopecia areata, hyperthyroidism, metabolic abnormalities, iron deficiency anemia, kidney diseaseSome diseases can cause white hair, such as interferon, chloroquine, and tricateol.

The most important thing is to find the root of white hair, the targeted treatment, the hair can really keep black and beautiful?