Old people do not eat fresh food

Old people do not eat fresh food

Raw fish, shrimp and half-baked meat, eggs have become fashionable.

However, the elderly should be “respected” for such foods.

  The protein taken by the human body every day can be decomposed and decomposed in the body to produce a certain amount of ammonia.

Ammonia is a toxic substance, but after the action of liver urea synthase, urea is synthesized to remove toxicity.

The urea synthase required for this process contains biotin components, such as insufficient biotin in the body, decreased enzyme activity, and ammonia cannot be smoothly metabolized, which can cause hyperammonemia.

  However, this detoxified biotin immediately loses its effect upon binding to avidin.

This avidin is mainly found in animal proteins and can be destroyed by heating. For example, raw food or ingested half-baked meat and eggs, avidin directly enters the human body and binds to biotin in the body to cause organisms.Insufficient.

  Biotin is clearly residual, and there may be symptoms such as dermatitis of the extremities, pale skin and mucous membranes, depression, muscle aches, hyperesthesia and loss of appetite.

The liver function and enzyme activity of the elderly have decreased to varying degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the damage of toxic substances to the liver, so that toxic substances are quickly detoxified.

Drinking milk before drinking, anti-drunk, eating melon

Drinking milk before drinking, anti-drunk, eating melon

Drinking without wine is a feast. Drinking in China is a ritual.

Drinking too much will hurt the body. How to fully reduce the damage of alcohol to health is a concern of many people.

Li Huiming, a professor of nutrition at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, said that eating appropriate foods before and after drinking can have a half-time effect on anti-drunk.

  Drink 100 ml of milk before drinking.

Before drinking, be sure to protect the liver and stomach mucosa. If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, nitric acid and the liver are unprotected, which is extremely harmful to the body and is also more likely to be drunk.

Milk not only slows the rate of alcohol absorption, but also protects the gastric mucosa from irritation.

You don’t have to drink too much, you can drink about 100 ml of milk.

  Do not add soda when drinking.

In the process of drinking, some people used to repeat soda or drink cola in order to replace alcohol.

As everyone knows, the carbon dioxide contained in the soda water will stimulate the gastric mucosa and speed up the absorption of alcohol, which is not conducive to hangover, but will increase the discomfort of the body.

  After drunk.

Many people like to drink some tea and hangover after drinking.

In fact, theophylline in strong tea can cause vasoconstriction and raise blood pressure, which is not a good choice for hangover.

Generally speaking, eating some sour fruit can hangover.

Because the fruit contains organic acid, and the main component of the wine is ethanol, the organic acid can interact with ethanol to form an ester to achieve the purpose of hangover.

  Watermelon is a better choice for hangovers.

Enhancement can accelerate the discharge of alcohol from the urine, avoiding it being absorbed by the body and causing body heat; in series, the watermelon itself also has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire, which can help the whole body to cool down.

In addition, people who drink alcohol and drink too much, have a better protection for the liver.

  In addition, it is worth reminding that “there is a lot of fun, and you are drunk and hurt”.

Every time you drink, it is appropriate.

Ginger health is indispensable, there are many kinds of body, stomach detoxification and cold!

Ginger health is indispensable, there are many kinds of body, stomach detoxification and cold!

Ginger is a better food in people’s daily health.

Ginger itself contains a wide variety of nutrients, some of which have a certain protective effect on many parts and organs of the human body.

When the human body produces some adverse reactions due to internal factors or external influences, eating or using ginger can alleviate many problems that occur in the human body.

Here, we will introduce you to the stomach of multiple effects of ginger, detoxification and cold.

1, the stomach is not good is a lot of people’s troubles in life, and the proper consumption of some ginger is more effective for the health of the stomach.

After ginger enters the stomach, its metabolic and spicy ingredients stimulate the stomach wall to a certain extent, promote the secretion of digestive juice from the gastric mucosa, accelerate the digestion of the food, and also improve the power of the stomach, so that the stomach can be exercised and help.The digestive function of the stomach is developing.

At the same time, ginger has a certain degree of ability to neutralize stomach acid. It also effectively protects the health of the stomach while protecting the stomach, and avoids excessive stomach acid damage to the gastric mucosa.

2, detoxification of ginger detoxification should be caused by more people, ginger contains a component called gingerolin, this substance has a certain degree of killing effect on bacteria in the metabolic tract, often eat ginger to maintainA healthy environment for the gastrointestinal tract is helpful.

At the same time, certain substances in ginger can enhance the action of micro-degrading enzymes in the stomach. Substituting starch in the stomach for saccharification has a certain hindrance effect, leading to more complete decomposition of trace substances in the stomach, discharge of oil, and reduction of sugar absorption.Conducive to the stability of blood sugar levels, both detoxification and health.

3, the cold and cold is also a previous one of the many benefits of ginger.

The effect of ginger on toxicity is mainly dependent on the spicy frying ingredient, which is the role of ginger ketone.

This kind of substance has certain irritating effect on the body after entering the human body, which will promote the body’s fever and perspiration. In the process of perspiration, the cold in the body can also be excreted through the sweat to achieve the effect of repelling the body.

In addition, gingerol in ginger also helps to promote the body’s blood circulation, and at the same time helps to expand the body’s blood vessels, stockings can also make the body’s cold gas transfer blood metabolism cycle is replaced, benefiting health.


To treat oral ulcers, ginger can take rehabilitation and cure cold and fever, but you must not know that ginger soaking water can prevent and relieve the symptoms of oral ulcers!

Eat something that is on fire, liver fire is strong, lack of vitamins, etc., can cause mouth ulcers.

Whatever the cause, as long as you drink a cup of ginger water before going to bed, or brush your teeth with ginger water, it will have a certain relief and inhibition of oral ulcers, and it can also eliminate the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory, and protect teeth.


People who are working in a state of drunkenness are inseparable from entertainment. If you are going to socialize, you will definitely drink alcohol. Although everyone knows how to drink alcohol, you will drink alcohol on the wine table. If you accidentally, you will overdrink and drink longer.Almost uncomfortable, but also hurt the liver and kidney, headache, vomiting is light, severe alcohol poisoning, our gastrointestinal damage is very large.

In terms of entertainment, if you can’t avoid having to drink alcohol, prepare a few slices of ginger before drinking. You can brew ginger into the cup after brewing, add appropriate amount of honey, drink such ginger water, and even have hangover.The effect can also improve the state of drunkenness.

Ginger can be used as a main dish when it is served, and it can always be seen on the table.

In the view of Chinese medicine, the value of ginger is extremely high. Among them, it has the effect of decomposing and moisturizing, and it is better to use it for dampness.

Let’s introduce Xiaobian to everyone, how should ginger and dampness be eaten?

1, ginger tea ginger tea is made with tea powder, a few slices of ginger peeled and decoction, drink after meals.

Can sweat list, warm lung and cough, have a miraculous effect on the flu, typhoid, cough.

Ginger tea is actually a drink that foreigners like very much.

Their approach is not the same as ours. Just put a piece of fresh ginger when making tea, and then add sugar to it for more than 10 minutes.

2, ginger + avocado ginger can be mixed with many fruits and vegetables juice.

Ginger and avocado are ingredients that contain anti-aging ingredients and can be matched according to your favorite taste.

3, ginger + brown sugar ginger sugar is generally made from ginger and brown sugar, sweet and spicy.

It has the effect of dampness and cold, and is very suitable for overlapping climate consumption.

4, ginger juice + milk ginger milk is Panyu’s most prestigious traditional snacks, also known as “ginger milk” or “Ginger buried milk”, has more than 100 years of history, well-known province Hong Kong and Macao.

Ginger is like a tofu flower, but it is similar to steamed egg, but it has always been sweet and smooth. It has a sweet and fragrant taste, can regulate the stomach, repel the cold, and nourish the skin.

The locals said that if Panyu didn’t eat a bowl of ginger and buried milk, it would be white.

Can vinegar wash out black hair?

Take stock of folk UFA remedies!

Can vinegar wash out black hair?
Take stock of folk UFA remedies!

Working overtime, staying up late, not sleeping well, eating not fragrant, Xiaobian once had a black hair and a few bright silver hair?


I am still a baby!

There is not much nonsense to say that the Internet search “how to turn black hair” is a bit of a question when reading Xiaobian. Are these methods really reliable?

Vinegar wash hair vinegar said: Chen Hao can’t do it!

Think big and think about this, and know that this is too unreliable, and vinegar has such a big ability to apply for Ufa patents.

Never use it, it may hurt the scalp.

Pulling your eyes clean is not annoying?

Be careful to cause hair loss!

Legend has it that “white hair pulls a long three”, but don’t worry, pulling out will not grow more white hair.

Because the color of the hair is black, it is determined by the melanin particles synthesized by the melanocytes in the hair follicle. When the melanin particles are small, the hair will turn white.

The act of pulling white hair naturally does not affect melanin.

Although the white hair does not grow more, the violent removal of the hair may cause the hair follicle to cause a wound, causing the hair follicle to become inflamed, and the hair is not black back, and hair loss will occur.

If the white hair is just a few roots, you can ask the little friend to help you find the white hair, and use scissors to “smear” the hair root to cut it.

Black rice, black beans, black sesame black food may not be black sesame seeds, black beans, black rice and other black foods are indeed very nutritious, and they all have certain benefits for hair health.

It does not mean that eating black food will definitely make the hair black. The pigment in the food is not involved in the synthesis of hair follicle melanin.

Because there are many reasons for whitening hair, including lack of nutrition, stress, genetic and improper care, etc., did not find the root cause, it is naturally difficult to eat these foods.

The effect of garlic, ginger and scalp is unknown. The scalp may be inflamed. People apply ginger and garlic on their heads. They want to stimulate the scalp, speed up blood circulation and promote hair growth to achieve hair loss and new effects.

However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that garlic and ginger have such a role, and these irritating substances are applied to the scalp, which may also cause scalp damage. It is recommended that you do not try it easily.

The effect of eating Polygonum multiflorum needs to be confirmed, but it is the most commonly used drug for treating white hair when it is not eaten. However, its effect has yet to be confirmed, and it is not right to eat, too much, and may cause liver damage.

If you try to eat Polygonum multiflorum, it must be the processed Polygonum multiflorum, that is, the preparation of Polygonum multiflorum, and must be taken under the guidance of a professional doctor, regular check liver function, absolutely can not eat yourself!



White hair becomes black, and the N methods of relieving 1 relax the spirit, and the sleep should be redundant; 2 have more exercise, keep the blood circulation of the whole body unblocked; 3, do nothing to give the scalp a “horse kill chicken”, used toComb your hair with a comb, rub your scalp with your palm or your fingers, 1 time each morning and evening, 3 minutes each time, comb or lick 30-40 times per minute; 4 diet should be balanced, eat more food supplemented with B vitamins(such as lean meat, nuts, beans, egg yolks, vegetables, etc.); 5 is not good, you can choose qualified, non-allergic hair dye products, regular hair dye.

Small reminder: young people with long hair, in addition to genetic factors, usually because of malnutrition, rest is not good, mental stress, may also be vitiligo, mottled disease, alopecia areata, hyperthyroidism, metabolic abnormalities, iron deficiency anemia, kidney diseaseSome diseases can cause white hair, such as interferon, chloroquine, and tricateol.

The most important thing is to find the root of white hair, the targeted treatment, the hair can really keep black and beautiful?