China Shenhua (601088): Cash Cow Advantage Highlights Upgrade to Outperform Industry

China Shenhua (601088): Cash Cow Advantage Highlights Upgrade to Outperform Industry

Opinion Focus Upgrade to Outperform Industry Investment Suggestion We raise China Shenhua-A / -H rating to outperform industry.

The reasons are as follows: Thermal coal prices are expected to rise in the fourth 武汉夜网论坛 quarter.

In the context of the continued improvement of mine safety and environmental protection and the gradual recovery of domestic coal demand, we believe that thermal coal prices are expected to rise in the winter season in the fourth quarter.

South African coal imports were at 2 last year.

The high level of 800 million tons is still up 8% year-on-year in the first eight months of this year. We think that the margins tend to fall, which is good for coal prices.

Initially, our judgment on the price prospects of thermal coal is also more optimistic than the market, mainly because coal is still the mainstay of energy in developing countries, and low prices are not conducive to the industry’s deleveraging and reinvestment.

  The integration of upstream and downstream business has obvious competitive advantages.

Shenhua has high-quality assets, low coal production costs, and integration of upstream and downstream. The ratio of long-term coal sales is close to 90%. Even if the price of coal changes, it will also help maintain a relatively stable profitability.

  The advantages of cash cows continue to emerge.

At the end of the second quarter of this year, the company’s net cash reached 811 trillion, accounting for 20% of its net assets.

Under the assumption that the annual average price of the port is 550-580 yuan / ton, we believe that the company’s free cash flow is still expected to reach 60.62 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to the current A / H market value of 16% / 21%.

If a 40% dividend payout ratio is assumed, the company’s net cash may exceed 2,000 trillion in three years, which is equivalent to 51% / 68% of the current A / H stock market value.

With such a large amount of accumulated cash, the company’s ROE is under pressure to reduce the efficiency of capital operations. Without large capital expenditures, increasing dividends is one of the effective measures to improve the efficiency of capital operations.

  What makes us different from the market?

The current company A / H shares correspond to 4.

1x / 3.

2x 2020eEV / EBITDA, Shenhua H shares are only 0.

8x 2020e P / B.

We believe that current estimates re-reflect the true asset value of Shenhua.

Even in the green range of coal prices, Shenhua’s earnings and cash flow are still strong, and the background of the decline in global interest rates highlights Shenhua’s long-term investment value.

  Potential catalyst: Coal prices may exceed expectations in the fourth quarter, and dividends have room for improvement.

  Earnings forecasts and estimates Maintain 2019/20 A-share earnings forecasts2.


32 yuan, H 杭州龙凤网 shares 2.


37 yuan.

  We believe that the company’s stable profit and cash flow in the current market environment have a special configuration value. We raise the A / H rating to outperform the industry, and raise the target price of A / H shares by 40% / 32% to 28 yuan / 25 HKD.Target price corresponds to 5.

7x 2020e EV / EBITDA and 42% growth space, H-share target price corresponds to 4.

7x 2020e EV / EBITDA and 50% growth space.

  Risky coal prices fell more than expected; dividends fell short of market expectations.

Jingxin Pharmaceutical (002020) Annual Report for 18 Years and First Quarter Report for 19 Years: Performance Continues to Grow, Main Business Expected to Accelerate

Jingxin Pharmaceutical (002020) Annual Report for 18 Years and First Quarter Report for 19 Years: Performance Continues to Grow, Main Business Expected to Accelerate

Events: 1) The company published an annual report for 18 years, and realized revenue for 29 years.

400 million, net profit attributed to mother 3.

7 billion, net of non-attributed net profit3.

160,000 yuan, an increase of 33%, 40%, 654% each year, achieving EPS 0.

51 yuan, in line with market expectations.

2) The company released the quarterly report for 四川耍耍网 the year of 19, and achieved revenue in 19Q1.

9.3 billion, net profit attributable to mothers1.

3.1 billion, net of non-attributed net profit 0.

0.94 million yuan, an annual increase of 39%, 49%, 20%, to achieve EPS 0.

19 yuan, slightly exceeding market expectations.

3) The company issued a 19-year interim report forecast. It is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers in 19H1 will increase by 45?
65%, slightly exceeding market expectations.

Opinion: As the channel inventory is digested, the growth of the main business will accelerate in the future.

In 18 years, the company’s finished drug revenue was 16.

78 billion, API 8.

4.8 billion, equipment 3.

0.94 million yuan, an annual increase of 47%, 31%, -2%.

The decline in equipment revenue was due to the high base in 17 years of cargo holdings, and the profit growth rate in 18 years still exceeded 10%.

From the perspective of breed income, 杭州桑拿网 rosuvastatin 6.

9.3 billion, pitavastatin 1.

1.1 billion, rehabilitation new liquid 2.

5.9 billion, Bacillus licheniformis.

0.5 billion, sertraline 1.

2.4 billion, Levetiracetam 35.5 million.

Based on the forecasted median weather forecast, the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 19Q1 and Q2 increased 49% and 55%, which is very beautiful.

The high growth in 19Q1 has investment income factors. It is estimated that the distribution of securities for the transfer of property contributed more than 20 million profits. Therefore, the net profit of non-returned mothers increased by 20% in 19Q1.The 19Q1 channel mainly digests high-priced stocks. The 19Q2 rosuvastatin, levetiracetam, and amlodipine collections will significantly contribute to performance.

R & D has increased, and the central nervous product line has ushered in gains.

18 years of research and development funds 2.

4.2 billion, a previous increase of 47%, continued to increase.

The company has a deep layout in the central nervous system and is welcoming gains.

Levetiracetam and sertraline have passed the consistency assessment. The first generic drugs, carbaratin, and pramipexole have been approved.

Memantine capsules, Pallipidone sustained-release tablets, and the innovative drug EVT201 capsules are all in clinical stages.

The company has invested in 7 overseas innovative companies. The technical collaboration and commercial cooperation with the company in the future are worth looking forward to.

Profit forecast and evaluation: As a representative of high-quality pharmaceutical companies, the company is accelerating research and development transformation and will usher in gains.

Regardless of subsequent investment income, we maintain the EPS forecast for 19-20 to 0.


83 yuan, plus the 21-year EPS forecast is 1.

05 yuan, an annual increase of 29% / 25% / 27% respectively, the current price corresponding to 19-20 years PE is 16/13 times, it is estimated to be attractive, maintain the “buy” rating.
Risk warning: the progress of the consistency assessment is higher than expected; the price of the drug is lower than expected.

Yunnan Baiyao (000538): 3.

5 trillion cornerstones invest in Chinese antibody mixed reform

Yunnan Baiyao (000538): 3.

5 trillion cornerstones invest in Chinese antibody mixed reform

Event: On October 25, 2019, the company’s board of directors approved the use of its own funds of $ 50 million (approximately 3.

50,000 yuan) as a cornerstone investor in the subscription of the initial public offering of innovative drug company China Antibody Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“China Antibody”) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

This is the first time that Yunnan Baiyao has invested in innovative drug companies as a cornerstone investor.

Opinion: Chinese antibodies are new biotechnologies focused on the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Established in 2001, China Antibody is a Hong Kong biopharmaceutical company that is mainly committed to research, development, production and commercialization of antibodies and other biological agents for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

The R & D base is located in Hong Kong and the production facilities are located in Mainland China. The listing materials were delivered to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July 2019.

The company has potential first-in-class and first-in-target products under research. It has 6 clinical stage studies, 2 products have entered the clinical stage, and 4 products are in the IND application.At this stage, the fist product SM03 is the first and only clinical stage anti-CD22 antibody antibody used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in the world, and it is already in the clinical stage III.

The company invests in Chinese antibodies, which is expected to complete the extension of the product line in the orthopedics field and leverage the force to enter the innovative drug market.

Yunnan Baiyao’s core products Baiyao series (such as aerosols, white salves, white medicine band-aids, etc.) focus on hemostatic analgesia, swelling and stasis. For pain management, product sales channels are biased towards the consumer side.

Chinese antibody is expected to be the first flagship product to be marketed in the future. SM03 targets chronic immune system diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, which also belongs to the field of bones and joints. It requires long-term medication and changes in consumption attributes.

The company is expected to participate 360 degrees in all aspects of biopharmaceuticals from target recognition, molecular screening, clinical research, production to commercialization of the complete industrial process, and will be able to independently establish innovative drug platforms; at the same time, the company is also expected to leverage the rich experience of Chinese antibodiesA team of scientists and a top scientific advisory team establish independent innovation teams to deeply enter the innovative drug development ecosystem and the innovative drug market.

Company 7.

US $ 300 million investment in Bandung Holdings for industrial hemp cultivation and industrial chain.

As of October 14, the company has preliminary agreement with Hong Kong Bandung Holdings Group to 7.

HK $ 300 million to subscribe for convertible bonds with a maturity of two years and an annual interest rate of 3%.

According to the announcement, the funds raised by Bandung Holdings will be used for industrial cannabis and CBD-related business development, research and development, investment, acquisition or other 杭州桑拿网 applications.

By absorbing and merging Baiyao Holdings, the company has preliminarily succeeded Bandung Holdings29.

59% of shares became its largest shareholder.

Follow the initial water change 0.

258 reconstruction / share calculation, assuming all convertible bonds are converted into stocks, the company will hold 51.

06% stake.

Yunnan is the most suitable area for industrial cannabis cultivation due to climatic conditions, and it is currently the only province in China that allows and supervises the cultivation of industrial cannabis.

And Yunnan Baiyao’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources Division has successfully developed Yunnan-based localized medicinal materials such as Sanqi and Chonglou.

We expect the company’s future business release notes to include industrial cannabis cultivation and industrial chain development, becoming one of the most important players in the domestic industrial cannabis field.

The scale investment of Hong Kong Bandung and China’s antibodies is the start of the company’s new growth and internationalization after the completion of mixed reforms and equity incentives.

In the past two years, the company has completed mixed reforms, joined budget reforms, replaced directors and supervisors, and the recent implementation of employee incentive plans.

As a representative of the transformation and innovation of traditional pharmaceutical companies, it is expected that in the future, more external cooperation and extension will emerge in the field of orthopedic hospitals, orthopedics and gynecological patent medicines.

Earnings forecast and rating: Maintain forecast for the year 19-21. The EPS is 3.



09 yuan, corresponding to 19-21 years PE is 26/23/20 times.

The company’s long-term strategic goals are ambitious. After the employee incentives are completed, it will accelerate the extension and have a bright future. Maintain the “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: New product promotion progress exceeds expectations, outbound M & A is lower than expected.

Dayang Electric (002249) Coverage Report for the First Time: Rooted in New Energy and lays out hydrogen fuel cell business

Dayang Electric (002249) Coverage Report for the First Time: Rooted in New Energy and lays out hydrogen fuel cell business

This report reads: The company has gradually expanded from home appliance motors such as air conditioners to automotive motors and new energy vehicle drive motors, and has invested in Ballard Plus’s hydrogen fuel cell business to take the lead in future development of the industry.

Investment Highlights: 6.

Cover for the first time, and increase the holding level with caution.

The company has expanded from home appliance motors to new energy vehicle motors and fuel cell fields.

EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.

, 0.

10, 0.

12 yuan, with reference to the industry’s average assessment of 23X PE, given a certain premium for the subsequent growth of fuel cells, given 27X PE in 2019, and a target price of 4.

6 yuan, covering for the first time, carefully increase the level of holdings.

Affected by the impairment of goodwill, the company’s 2018 performance increased.

The company’s revenue in 2018 reached 86.

3.8 billion; net profit attributable to mother is -23.

760,000 yuan, exceeding the expected minimum.

The preliminary includes: 1) the decline in the company’s gross profit margin affected by tariffs and market competition factors; 2) the subsidiaries Shanghai Electric Drive and Patelai accrued goodwill impairment of 2.1 billion and 3, respectively.

10,000 yuan, the impact on the company’s net profit.


The vehicle business group was established to give full play to the synergies of all parties.

At present, the company has integrated the four subsidiaries of Shanghai Electric Drive, Patelai, Wuhu Genorui and Dayang New Power into Dayang Motor Vehicle Business Group. Its products include vehicle rotating motors, new energy vehicle drive systems, and car starters.

We believe that business integration can give full play to the synergies of participants in products, channel customers, etc., while effectively controlling related costs and avoiding waste of resources.


Participated in Ballard and increased the layout of hydrogen fuel cells.

Since 2016, the company has successively invested in the related business of leading companies in the field of fuel cells. 1) In August 2016, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary invested $ 28.3 million to subscribe for Canadian company Ballard9.

9% equity; 2) The company’s 深圳spa会所 subsidiary has the right to transfer 10% equity of Ballard and Weichai Power Joint Venture to further deepen the tripartite cooperation.

At present, the company’s fuel cell products include battery components, vehicle controllers, motor drive systems, etc., and through the participation of related companies in the industrial chain to open up gas phase storage and transportation, hydrogenation, and fuel cell system development, etc., it is expected to take the lead in the future to benefit from the development of the fuel cell industry.

Risk reminder: New energy vehicle sales are lower than expected, the company accrues goodwill impairment

Daily health knowledge

Daily health knowledge

We are busy every day during the day, and when we get off work at night, we are watching mobile phones and playing computer. This cycle of daily circulation is extremely harmful to the body. The following small series will give you some tips on health and hope to help everyone!

[healthy snacks]Peanut: anti-aging, delaying brain function decline, moisturizing and other sunflower seeds: treatment of insomnia, enhance memory, beauty and other walnuts: stomach, blood, lungs, body, brain and other jujube: qi and nourishing, spleen, anti-allergic, anti-cancer and other cheese: enhance resistance, solid teeth, calcium and other figs: heat, spleen, swelling, blood circulation and other pistachios: neurasthenia, anemia, malnutrition and other raisins: eliminate fatigue、恢复视力等【冬季养生‘煮’】苹果:煮熟了有止泻等作用梨:蒸熟了具有清热润肺、止咳化痰等枣:蒸熟的枣比生枣更容易消化山楂:蒸Cooked hawthorn does not hurt the spleen and stomach grapefruit skin: boiled with honey, soup, digestion, mites, hangover, beauty and other effects[healthy breakfast]soy milk: suitable for those who are afraid of fat, with fried eggs, poached eggs and other pure milk: suitable for allPeople, with bread, cereals and other breakfast milk: suitable for people with lactose intolerance, with bread category porridge: suitable for people who need stomach, with buns and other fruit and vegetable juices: suitable for detoxification of the intestines, free to match[winter health reminds youForging炼Do not play the body too soon!

Don’t go to the shower every winter!

Warm feet and sleep at night!

Do not eat breakfast stomach can not stand!

Drink mutton soup warm and good health!

May you warm and happy in winter!

Old people walk fast or indicate long life

Old people walk fast or indicate long life

American researchers have found that the speed of life of the elderly is clearly related to the length of life, usually walking fast or indicating a long life.

  But at present, this can only serve as a reference for doctors to understand the health of patients.

  The sooner the longer the life, the University of Pittsburgh researchers analyzed nine studies from 1986 to 2000.

These studies involved the pace information of 34,485 elderly people aged 65 and over.

  When testing the pace, the subject starts at the initial position and walks at a normal speed2.

4 meters to 6 meters.

The results showed that the average pace of the subjects was 0 per second.

92 meters.

  Ten years after the end of the test, 17,528 subjects died.

The researchers found that the faster the walking speed of the study, the longer the life of the subject, the more zero per second.

1 meter, the risk of death is reduced by 12%.

  The faster the walk, the longer the life span, regardless of gender and age.

Agence France-Presse quoted researchers as saying on the 4th: “For different genders and ages, life expectancy is extended by the increase in pace.

“The older the more obvious, the researchers published a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association published on the 5th, the association is more obvious in the 75-year-old and above.

After 10 years of testing, the slowest and accelerated male survival rates were 19% and 87%, respectively, and female survival rates were 35% and 91%, respectively.

  The researchers found that life expectancy at pace, gender, and age was estimated to be equally accurate based on age, gender, chronic medical history, hospitalization, smoking history, blood pressure, and body mass index (BMI).

  The researchers analyzed that this is because walking requires energy, while controlling and maintaining movement involves multiple body organs and systems, including the heart, lungs, circulatory system, nervous system, muscles and bones. “Slow pace may reflect body organs andThe system is damaged and the walking consumes a lot of energy.”

  The results of this study are helpful to clinicians, investigators and health system planners who are looking for simple indicators of higher health and life expectancy, said Stephanie Stutinski, the leader of the consultation.

“The pace measurement is simple, with a stopwatch, go 4 meters.”
Stutinski said, “The pace can be a simple, easy indicator for the health of the elderly.

“Italian Biomedical University Mateo Chesari commented on this research report that there is no evidence to support the hypothesis that fast pace is associated with good health, so the current pace cannot be used as the initial target for intervention.

  Cesari said the association represents the overall health status and supports the best complement of research findings and clinical decisions. “The future needs to investigate whether pace may change the way people define older patients.”

Shoulder periarthritis should eat some vegetables and eat some vegetables to prevent frozen shoulder

Shoulder periarthritis should eat some vegetables and eat some vegetables to prevent frozen shoulder

Eat more fresh vitamin C, egg yolk containing vitamin E, kidney, milk, green leafy vegetables or multi-purpose germ, corn, peanut oil, etc., and whole vitamins containing vitamin B group, milk, yeast, seaweed, stone fruit, etc.It can also increase immunity, promote blood circulation, improve facial flushing, reduce obesity, fatigue and emotional upset.

In addition to supplementing estrogen, it is necessary to supplement enough calcium every day. Menopausal women should have a calcium supplement of 1500 mg per day. Foods containing calcium metabolism: milk and dairy products, soybeans, peanuts, sardines, squid, small fishDried, sesame, green vegetables.

Let’s take a look at the specific situation with the family doctor online.

First, the therapeutic side of the shoulder inflammation: 1, take 30 grams of chasing wind, 60 grams of wine.

Chasing the wind into the wine for 5 days.

Scored orally.

2, with 1000 grams of old ginger, 500 grams of onions, 250 grams of sweet wine.

After smashing the two herbs, stir fry and apply soreness.

3, take 500 grams of ginger, 50 grams of green onions, 250 grams of pepper, 100 grams of fennel, 150 grams of white wine.

First chop the ginger and onion roots, knead the mud, cumin and pepper into the noodles, then mix the four flavors together, stir in the wok, stir fry with simmer, add the white wine, and then put in the gauze bag.Apply to the affected area.

The temperature is tolerated, covered with a towel, and covered with a quilt to make it sweat.

The next day, the medicine bag will continue to be used in the wok, and there is no need to change the medicine. This medicine bag can add alcohol.

1 time per night.

Even if it takes 1 month to take effect, it usually takes 81 days.

Second, it is best not to eat some food for shoulder inflammation: 1, avoid eating fatty food.

Such as fat, cream, fried foods, etc. are all fatty foods.

The inflammation around the shoulder joint is a part of the “sickness” of Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that the rehabilitation team is mainly caused by poor blood and blood stasis in the body, and the food of high fat and thick sputum easily affects the transportation of spleen and the cow is wet.

Wet is a yin and evil, easy to increase qi and blood stasis.

Medical experts have found that patients with periarthritis of the shoulder, if they eat a lot of high-dung foods every day, will have joint stiffness, painful swelling and dysfunction, and the symptoms of arthritis will be significantly worse.

2, avoid eating rice with a wok.

Excessive iron in the joint causes ferritin to saturate, and it can promote the onset of joints with free iron.

Therefore, patients suffering from inflammation around the shoulder joints are advised not to cook in a wok.

3, avoid eating seafood.

Because sea cucumber, kelp, seaweed, sea fish, etc. contain certain uric acid, these uric acid can be absorbed by the body, which can form urate crystals in the joints, making the condition of arthritis worse.

Therefore, patients suffering from inflammation around the shoulder joint should not eat seafood.

4, avoid drinking alcohol and a lot of coffee, strong tea.

5, avoid cold and cold things.

Such as mung beans, melon, cucumber, should eat less.

Through the introduction of the above article, we know the dietary contraindications of patients with scapulohumeral periarthritis and patients. I hope that patients can remember the above food and health care, eat more foods that are good for relieving the disease in daily life, and try to avoid taboos.The food that is bogey can only be rebuilt if the disease is done.

Hiding in the corner and making a phone call to be careful about cancer!

Hiding in the corner and making a phone call to be careful about cancer!


The private phone “hidden to the corner and whispered” and in general, the signal coverage in the corner of the building is relatively poor, so the radiant power of the mobile phone will be increased to some extent.

For the same reason, when you are in a small, closed environment such as an elevator, you should also use your mobile phone carefully.


Hanging the phone around the neck or waist The radiation range of the phone is a capillary band centered on the phone. The distance between the phone and the human body determines the extent to which the radiation is absorbed by the body.

Therefore, people and mobile phones need to maintain “the beauty of distance.”

  Some medical experts have pointed out that people with heart failure and arrhythmia can’t especially hang their mobile phones on their chests.

If the mobile phone is often hung on the waist or abdomen of the human body, it may affect the function of the newborn.

The surrounding health and safety method is to put the phone in a carry-on bag and try to put it on the outer layer of the bag to ensure good signal coverage.


When the phone is placed close to the earphone and the phone is not connected, the radiation will be significantly enhanced. At this time, the phone should be separated, and the call should be made after about five seconds.


The weaker the cell phone signal, the closer the ear is attached. When the cell phone signal becomes weak, many people instinctively try to get the phone close to the ear.

However, according to the working principle of the mobile phone, in the case of a weak signal, the mobile phone automatically increases the transmitting power of the electromagnetic wave, so that the radiation intensity is significantly increased.

At this time, the ear is close, and the radiation received by the head is multiplied.


Studies of “one ear” and “mobile porridge” have shown that continuous continuous radiation may affect the brain.

Experts suggest that it is not advisable to use a mobile phone to talk continuously. Consider changing to a fixed line or using a headset. If you have to use a mobile phone for a long time to talk directly, you should also rotate the left and right ears every one or two minutes.


Dong Huang West, constantly moving some people like to unconsciously squat in the mobile phone, alternately move, but do not know the location of the exchange caused by the strength of the received signal fluctuations, resulting in short-time high-power transmission.

  In addition, when the mobile phone is used in the transmitted car, the mobile phone may specify a wide-ranging high-power base station to provide service in order to avoid excessively switched area switching, and the transmission power may be due to the transmission distance.

Slimming tea formula reveals secret

Slimming tea formula reveals secret

Abstract: The principle of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of obesity is to activate the original function of the body, restore the original function, and then properly shape and lose weight, so that the body can retrieve the reconstructed lines.

For overweight people, Chinese medicine relies on the cause, physical fitness, etc. to open weight loss prescriptions, divided into four categories, each with different ways to lose weight.

Target: White-collar workers under the age of 30 are obsessed with more entertainment, more greasy diet, and higher work pressure, resulting in excess body accumulation, body excitement, easy mouth pain, bad breath, easy obesity, emotional irritability, yellow urine, constipation,From the perspective of Chinese medicine, in addition to cellulite, diuretic, the key is to clear the heat, the body’s metabolic function will return to normal.

   Under the traditional medicine “medicine and food homology” theory, the nature of peace, health, medicinal herbs have long been widely eaten, such as the fashionable weight loss holy medicine Hawthorn, lotus leaf, etc., how to reduce weight of these herbs, decided by the doctor.

The principle of Chinese medicine treatment of obesity is to activate the original function of the body, restore the original function, and then properly shape and lose weight, so that the body can find the replacement line.

   For overweight people, Chinese medicine relies on the cause, physical fitness, etc. to open weight loss prescriptions, divided into four categories, each with different ways to lose weight.

These four categories include: gastric heat and dampness type, spleen deficiency and dampness type, liver qi stagnation type and liver and kidney yin deficiency type.

   Statistics show that patients with stomach heat type and qi stagnation type have the most effect, and the effect of weight loss treatment is also better. On average, 2 weeks can be thinned by 2 kg, and some people even lose six or seven kilograms a month.

However, patients with yin deficiency over 50 years of age, because of their poor metabolism, coupled with chronic disease, the weight loss effect is not obvious.

   Heat-clearing objects: White-collar workers under the age of 30 are obsessed with more entertainment, more greasy diet, and higher work pressure, resulting in excess body, body excitement, easy mouth pain, bad breath, easy obesity, emotional irritability, yellow urine, constipationFrom the perspective of Chinese medicine, in addition to cellulite, diuretic, the key is to clear the heat, the body’s metabolic function will return to normal.

   Use of medicinal materials: cassia seed, sexually cold, can lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, laxative, if its own high blood pressure and constipation, should choose Cassia tea.

However, if the body is cold and cold, people who are prone to diarrhea and stomach pains are not suitable.

   Green tea, which is cool, can eliminate fat and digestion. The Journal of the American Nutrition Society has confirmed that green tea does have a weight-loss effect and an anti-cancer effect.

However, green tea is not fermented tea. Chinese medicine believes that it is easier to cure stomach, and people with bad stomach should pay more attention.

   Spleen-type objects: Some people are fat, just because of qi deficiency, need to strengthen the spleen.

Chinese medicine believes that the function of qi deficiency is not normal, the gas is replenished, the body function is naturally restored, and it can be normally metabolized, and naturally it is slimmed down.

   The use of medicinal materials: coix seed, flat, dampness, because the nature of the mild effect is not fast, mostly with other herbs or ingredients to eat.

   Astragalus, sweet, sexually lukewarm, Buzhong Yiqi, diuretic water swelling.

There is no lipid-lowering effect in itself, but in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, qi deficiency requires qi to enhance the efficiency of body metabolism, and jaundice can also enhance immune function.

   Fuxi, sweet, and flat.

Replenish spleen and diuretic, can lower blood sugar, calm, qi, enhance immune function.

Long-term eating is no problem.

Folks eat Fuxi cream, Sishen soup has it.

  Liqi-type Chinese medicine pays attention to the operation of “qi”, transforms the smooth system in the liver, “liver stagnation cures the spleen”, digestion and metabolism are not complete, naturally easy to fat, and mostly young women, common symptoms, easy chest tightness,The belly is rising, the mood is fluctuating, and the menstrual disorder is severe.

   It is equivalent to Western medicine’s anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and other symptoms, and this type of person is easy to mistakenly think that eating to ease the situation, it is more likely to lead to obesity.

   Use of herbs: dried tangerine peel, can help digestion, sputum, qi.

Alone for weight loss is not strong.

   Roses can also be qi, the replacement is not big, should be combined with other diet pills.

   Ziyin type yin deficiency system is easy to be obese, and traditional Chinese medicine is focused on nourishing yin.

Old people love dizziness, sleep quality is not good, waist loves acid, dry mouth, etc., Chinese medicine believes that it is not enough blood, from the perspective of Western medicine, old age, biodegradation, metabolism gradually decline, the cycle is not good, the blood can not functionNourish the organization.

Chinese medicine is very valuable for “blood”. In addition to blood supplementation, such patients also need to promote blood.

   The use of medicinal materials: Polygonum multiflorum, lowering blood lipids, blood, and better effect on obesity in the elderly.

   Salvia miltiorrhiza has a slight blood-supplying effect and can promote blood circulation.

It has the effect of lowering plasma and blood lipids.

For coronary heart disease, angina is also effective, and can also improve circulation.

   Expert comment: Most people are obese because they lack exercise. Therefore, although traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea has certain effects, it is necessary to cooperate with diet and exercise to change bad habits, and the weight loss effect can last.