Shanghai Electric (601727): 2018 results are in line with expectations; pressure on gross profit margin but fan business is expected to grow

Shanghai Electric (601727): 2018 results are in line with expectations; pressure on gross profit margin but fan business is expected to grow

Performance review 2018 results are in line with expectations. Shanghai Electric announced 2018 results: operating income of 101.2 billion, an increase of 27%; net profit attributable to mothers, 3 billion, an increase of 13%.

Excluding one-off gains and losses such as government subsidies, the company’s core profit increased by 2% to 21 trillion per year, in line with expectations.

  Development Trend Thermal power and environmental protection equipment will drive revenue growth in 2018.

The company’s operating income increased rapidly by 27%, mainly due to 1) the company expected to resume growth before coal power tightened, and thermal power equipment revenue increased by more than 48%; 2) environmental equipment revenue increased by more than 78%.

The overall gross profit margin is under pressure, but the gross profit margin of wind power equipment has increased.

In 2018, the company’s overall gross profit margin fell by 2 ppt to 20%, mainly because the gross profit margin of elevator business and generator EPC business dropped significantly.

However, while the company’s wind power equipment business reduced its revenue by 6%, its gross profit margin dropped significantly by 5ppt to 16%, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of high gross profit offshore wind turbine sales (the company’s offshore wind turbine gross margin in 2018 was 24%).

  The expected revenue of wind power equipment in 2019 will increase both the gross profit and the development of nuclear power equipment.

The company’s wind turbine orders in hand reached 20.8 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 37%.

We expect the company’s wind turbine adjustment volume and revenue to increase significantly under the influence of the company’s reorganized order reserve and the rush to install wind power in 2019.

And scale effect is expected to pull the rules, which will further increase the gross profit margin.

Taking into account the national wind power installed capacity this year may reach 30GW and the company’s 5% market share, we raised the growth rate of wind turbine business in 2019 to 45% (corresponding to 1.

6GW), and raised the gross profit margin of the fan 3ppt to 18%.

In terms of nuclear power, considering the uncertainty in the growth rate of approval and development, we conservatively estimate that the company ‘s nuclear island revenue growth rate will be about 10% this year, and we look forward to positive policy support in the future.

In addition, the company stated that the preliminary problems in the research and development of nuclear power main pumps have been resolved, and it may be expected to expand its business in the future to increase its performance.

  The profit forecast takes into account the pressure on elevator, power plant EPC and other businesses. We lower our 2019e EPS forecast by 5% to RMB0.

18 yuan at the same time?
The 2020e EPS forecast is RMB 0.

18 yuan.

  Estimates and recommendations A / H shares of Shanghai Electric Corporation currently have a total of 19 years.


7x P / E.

We maintain the company’s A / H shares as neutral and recommended grades. At the same time, due to adjustments in earnings forecasts, we have reduced the company’s A / H shares target price by 10% to RMB 7.

30 yuan / HKD 4.

05 yuan, corresponding to 19 years 41.


3 times P / E, compared with current 18% / 38% upside.

  Risk projects were weaker than expected, financial costs rose, and gross profit margins fell.

Greenland Holdings (600606): Steadily Released Diversified Business Collaboration

Greenland Holdings (600606): Steadily Released Diversified Business Collaboration
I. Overview of the event Greenland Holdings released the 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income of 3487 in 2018.30,000 yuan, an increase of 20 per year.1%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company 114.40,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.5%. Second, the analysis and judgment of the continued release of performance, profitability has steadily increased the company’s operating income in 2018 to achieve 3487.30,000 yuan, an increase of 20 per year.1%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company 114.40,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.5%.The net profit growth rate is faster than the revenue growth rate initially because the company’s sales gross profit margin reached 15.35%, an increase of 1 from the previous year.01 per share; budget, the company’s return on net assets reached 16.23%, an increase of 1 over 17 years.78 levels, profitability continued to increase. Finance continued to be optimized and financing channels were open 杭州桑拿网 until the end of 2018. The company’s net debt ratio and asset and liability restructuring excluding advance receipts 171.83% and 56.86%, a decrease of 34 from the previous year.19 and 4.15 averages, the level of leverage continues to improve.In 2018, the company obtained 38.4 billion credit extensions from banks such as Agricultural Bank of China, People’s Livelihood, and Everbright, and successfully issued 26.800 million US dollars of debt and 1.5 billion yuan of debt, and obtained CMBS fundraising on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange10.At the same time, in a tight financing environment, the company’s comprehensive financing cost was 5.4%, an increase of 0 from only 17 years.21 are single and remain low in the industry; comprehensively, greenfield financing channels are diverse and financial costs are controllable. The coordinated development of diversified business, the industry further highlights the reported growth, the company ‘s large infrastructure business realized operating income of US $ 148.1 billion, an increase of 41%; the value of newly signed contracts reached US $ 2,162 billion, an increase of more than 63%, and the development momentum continued to increase.Drive the company’s overall performance to the next level; maximize the profit of large financial services by 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 25%, promote the orderly operation of the project, and actively explore the transformation and development; the large-scale consumer industries such as corporate commerce, hotels, and tourism are focusing on gradual consumption upgradingThe business opportunity to build a strong domestic market, continuously expand the connotation and extension, the industry is outstanding. Third, investment advice Greenland Holdings has achieved steady growth in sales, maintained sales, improved finance, smooth financing, and coordinated development of diversified businesses.The company’s EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-, 1.71 yuan, corresponding to PE 6.5/5.3/4.4 times, the company’s highest in the past three years, the lowest, the median PE is 32.7/6.5/11.9x, maintaining the company’s “recommended” rating. 4. Risk Warning: The real estate industry has tightened policies and sales have fallen short of expectations.

Monternet Group (002123): High-level cooperation with Alibaba Cloud to create a strong B-side service ecosystem in the 5G era

Monternet Group (002123): High-level cooperation with Alibaba Cloud to create a strong B-side service ecosystem in the 5G era

The company announced today that the subsidiary Shenzhen Mengwang Technology Development Co., Ltd. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., and the two parties agreed to conduct products and technologies, 上海夜网论坛 solutions and services, and joint marketing in the areas of smart cities, governments, and enterprises.Comprehensive exchanges and cooperation with development, etc., to jointly promote the development of cloud service business in related fields.

The details highlight the level and depth of cooperation between the two parties.

There are three aspects of the recent cooperation. A lot of details of the recent cooperation highlight the depth of the collaboration between the two parties: 1. During the cooperation period (three years), at least 10 benchmark customers and cases have been established in the financial and government industry, and the joint solution will not be shortened. 22. In the near future, the two parties will select benchmark customers in the financial field to jointly promote Alibaba Cloud’s financial cloud-related products, form cooperation cases and collaborative models, and further promote them to a range of customers; 3. Both parties will jointly explore theRegional cooperation to operate smart city and digital city product solutions will promote the rapid promotion and landing of Alibaba’s superior products in the fields of retail, e-commerce, logistics, transportation and other fields; 4. Both parties will jointly develop and promote Alibaba Cloud-based smart externalHu, cloud communication proprietary trumpet, AI cloud Xiaomi, mobile message push, CEN and other solutions.

The form of cooperation is mutually beneficial.

Alibaba Cloud has identified 2 billion Fuxin (three years) and 10 billion SMS messages annually.

At the cooperation level (three years), the cloud computing resources that Monternet Technology purchased from Alibaba Cloud will reach more than 1,500 times.

Cooperative product three-dimensional theory, to create overall solutions for different industries.

Monternet Technology cooperated with Alibaba Cloud this time, committed to building the ability of cloud computing overall solutions in different industries, using enterprise service numbers, Fuxin, and video ringtones to provide marketing service capabilities for merchants and partners in the Alibaba ecosystem.

The competitive advantage of the company’s SMS business was further strengthened.

The market has huge expectations for corporate short message business. In the first three quarters of 2019, the national mobile short message business volume increased for ten years.

8%, while the growth rate was 14% in the same period last year, and the growth continued to accelerate.

According to industry research, the company has more than 200,000 corporate users and increased its market share from 2% to 12% over five years, becoming the third-party enterprise SMS service provider with the highest domestic market share.

Alibaba’s annual tens of billions of SMS purchase orders and a large number of B-end corporate customers will continue to consolidate the company’s leading advantage in the enterprise SMS market.

The continuous landing of Fuxin has become the norm, and the heavy-duty cooperation on the industrial side is also the norm. A powerful toB service ecosystem in the 5G era is on the horizon.

Since this year, Ali, Tencent, Huawei, and Twilio have formed cooperation with the company, and part of the company has been fully recognized by the industry in the 5G era.

Through this cooperation, Fuxin recorded 2 billion Fuxin orders in the third three years this year. Currently, it has continued to land in scenarios such as e-tickets, ETC, and e-commerce ecology. The continued implementation of model cases provides for the subsequent development of Fuxin.Convenient foundation.

With the advent of the 5G era, the company is accelerating the creation of a powerful toB service ecosystem.

Investment suggestion: The implementation and cooperation of the company and Alibaba Cloud in multiple scenarios. In the future, Alibaba’s huge B-end customer volume will provide huge space for the company’s operation and business development.

Increase the company’s EPS to 0 in 2019-2020.

50 yuan, 0.

92 yuan, maintain Buy-A rating, raise 6-month target price to 30 yuan.

Risk reminders: Fuxin’s promotion is less than expected; industry competition is intensified; fair incentive assessment targets are less than expected.

Don’t be busy sleeping after a man’s sex life

Don’t be busy sleeping after a man’s sex life

Men often feel tired after sex, so many people like to fall asleep and think that this will eliminate fatigue.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Sleeping immediately after sex can even cause the woman’s unhappiness, and the post-fatigue after ejaculation continues until the next day.

  Usually, when a couple lives a sexual life, they start from sexual excitement and end their orgasm. Under normal circumstances, the duration is about 5-20 minutes, and it is longer than this.

During sexual life, the human sympathetic nerves are in a state of high tension, and various hormones, especially sex hormones, are secreted.

At this time, both sex organs are highly congested, and from the sexual excitement to the high tide, many tissues of the body are also involved in this special physiological process, such as: rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, accelerated breathing, and systemic skin blood vessels.Expansion, increased sweating, etc.

Therefore, in this process, the energy consumption of the body is significantly increased and the metabolism is enhanced.

  The reason why there is fatigue after sex life is mainly due to the fact that the control of the cerebrospinal fluid that discharges semen is interrupted after the ejaculation.

During ejaculation, the nerves are excited and nervous, and the nerves and spinal cord reflex nerves relax after ejaculation.

  Young people are sensitive and active, so they recover quickly, and some even recover immediately.

In elderly people, the nerve response is slow, and the recovery time is relatively offset. If you fall asleep immediately after ejaculation, the reflex function that causes fatigue will continue to decrease, and the fatigue will be difficult to disappear.

  Do not sleep immediately after sexual intercourse, get up and continue to do some daily things, can make the reflex nerves that have become dull due to sexual stimulation to recover smoothly.

If you fall asleep immediately after the completion of the event, the slow effect of sleep plus the slow effect of sexual stimulation, causing fatigue until the next day, let you backache.

  Therefore, after sexual intercourse, remember not to turn to sleep immediately; watch TV, get up for a drink of water, or sleep slowly with your wife, will not let fatigue last until the next day.

Thin face and small remedies to create a small face beauty

Thin face and small remedies to create a small face beauty

Although everyone will say that your face is fat, so cute, but there will be a slight twist in your heart. Maybe you are a standard figure, but you will be called a little fat girl or a big face girl.If you want to lose face quickly, try some of the face-lifting recipes below.

There will be surprises!


Massage in the morning and evening for 5 minutes → slack, edema is effective for a good holiday time, do not need to streamline the skin care steps as usual, so whether it is skin relaxation or edema formation, it is recommended to massage 3-5 minutes every morning and evening.

Many brands have lifted and tightened products, and the products that eliminate edema are introduced. With the massage, the effect will be better.

  Most brands of beauty consultants will master a set of massage techniques to match skin care products, you can go to the counter to learn.

Don’t play it yourself, don’t follow the trend of skin texture, it may be counterproductive.


Click on the mysterious face-lifting point → the firming skin has a magical effect on the outside of the anterior neck laryngeal 3cm and the acupoint located in the concave lower part of the lip, which has the magical function of enhancing the blood circulation of the face and tightening the skin.

  Lie on your back on the bed, support your body with your elbows, tilt back to the rear, hold for 10 seconds, slowly reposition the chin on the ground, stay for 5 seconds, then relax and repeat.


Avoid harshness in the surrounding environment → Eliminate edema and listen to low-stress music, sympathetic excitement, will hinder circulation, if the face is easily edema, you should give up “excessive” music; under strong light, parasympathetic nerves cannot be performed.Effective activities, the body feels nervous, the face will also swell, so indoors, it is best to use a softer light source; after 8 pm, avoid drinking caffeine-containing stimulating drinks.


Scraping → thin face new remedy scraping is one of the traditional natural remedies. It is based on the theory of dermis of Chinese medicine. It is used to wipe the skin-related parts with utensils (horns, jade, cupping) to achieve the purpose of dredging meridians and promoting blood circulation.

  Many girls who advocate face-lifting face will try their best to face-lifting. In fact, in addition to the usual face-lifting method we usually use, it is also a very good choice to scrape face-lifting face?
Face scraping can promote circulation and make facial lines more beautiful.

  Tip: Start from the change of daily movements to tighten the chin ● When you walk, you will be slightly elevated, which will improve your temperament and eliminate the shackles of your double chin.

  ● When taking a photo, slightly lower your head and take the camera beyond the eye level. This is a standard, beautiful face.

  Extended reading: face-lift food list, fascinating fairy face to eat!

  Seaweed: Seaweed is rich in nutritive value, high in iodine content, and oral choline and calcium, iron, effective treatment of edema, and even cancer.

You can do more seaweed soup to drink.

  Spinach: A small, small spinach is rich in potassium and vitamins a and c, but spinach is a very easy to lose nutritious ingredient, and you need to pay special attention to cooking.

  Natto: The easy-to-preserve natto is one of the necessities of a Japanese breakfast. Natto is rich in potassium and is said to be one of the healthy, long-lived foods.

So we have to eat more natto!

  Bean seedlings: Green bean sprouts contain a lot of nutrients. It has a lot of potassium to help eliminate edema, and it also has an intensive chewing effect. It is a high-quality food that has both nutritional value and oral activity.

  Celery: Like the above foods, celery has the nutritional value and the function of promoting oral activity. It is just as a food, or the most smooth in the summer, simple raw food, celery is a very delicious and healthy diet!

Lipid-lowering sausage vegetarian list

Lipid-lowering sausage vegetarian list

We should eat some vegetarian food to rule out greasy, clear stomach and intestines, lower blood fat and protect cardiovascular.

Common vegetarian foods that can lower the fat and clear the intestines are: 1.

Oatmeal: The effect of lowering cholesterol and lowering blood fat.

Oats are rich in oat fiber, which is not found in other grains.

Because this fiber is easily absorbed by the body, and because of the low heat content, it is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also suitable for high blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes people’s need for diet therapy.


Corn: rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium, etc., as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, can also supplement fiber.

Regular consumption of corn oil can lower blood cholesterol and soften blood vessels.

Maize has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice hepatitis and diabetes.


Sweet potato: It has a strong blood cholesterol lowering, maintains blood acid-base balance, delays aging and prevents cancer and cancer.

Sweet potato is rich in precipitated fiber and colloidal volumetric defecation substances, which can be described as “intermediate scavenger”.


Seaweed: Low content of marine vegetables, low content, some seaweeds have hypolipidemic effect.

Brown algae such as kelp, rich in colloidal fibers, can significantly lower serum cholesterol.

Seaweed also contains many unique active substances, which have antihypertensive, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic and anti-cancer effects.


Tremella: can reduce serum plasma levels and significant antithrombotic effects in high-fat rats.


Celery: The celery blood pressure makes sense – potassium, calcium, magnesium-rich foods can control blood pressure, contain a lot of accumulated fiber, especially containing cholesterol, blood lipids, blood sugar lowering effect.


Onions: Onions contain compounds such as cycloalbumin and methionine to aid in the dissolution of blood clots.

Onion is almost free of traces, so it can inhibit the increase of hemodialysis caused by high-concentration diet and help to improve atherosclerosis.


Jujube: Multi-food can improve the body’s antioxidant power and immunity.

Red dates are also effective in lowering blood cholesterol and triglycerides.


Hawthorn: strengthens and regulates the myocardium, increases the ventricle, atrial motion amplitude and coronary blood flow, and also reduces blood stasis and promotes mild metabolism.


Apple: Its pectin has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol.

Apple is rich in potassium, which can eliminate excess sodium in the body, such as eating 3 apples a day, to maintain blood pressure, blood lipids.

糯米排毒 Previous rice nourishing

糯米排毒 Previous rice nourishing

Recently, the new rice market, many people rushed to buy early adopters.

Nutrition experts point out that different types of rice have different effects.

It is best to eat rice according to your own needs, so that you can eat delicious and healthy.

  The maternal old man should eat the ordinary rice that was previously used to cook rice, also known as the previous rice or polished rice.

Zuo Xiaoxia, a nutritionist at the Nutrition Department of the 309th Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, said that the previous rice contains essential starches, proteins, traces, vitamins, niacin and calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can provide the nutrients and metabolism needed by the human body.

At the same time, the previous spleen and stomach, supplementing the gas, nourishing yin and fluid, in addition to annoying thirst, solid intestinal diarrhea and other effects, can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, trouble, malnutrition, post-illness and other complications.

The previous rice porridge can be used for health and prolongation. Before the rice porridge, the top layer of porridge oil can replenish and replenish, which is most suitable for patients, maternity and the elderly.

However, diabetic patients should not eat the previous rice porridge.

  Rough rice helps digestion improve constipation For those who are often constipated, slender rice is a good choice.

The so-called flour rice is to remove the rice husk during the secondary milling process.

The protein, trace amount and vitamin content of the crude rice are more than that of the fine white rice. The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer contribute to peristalsis and are effective for stomach diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids and other digestive diseases.

Compared with white rice, nutrients can reduce blood plasma and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

  It is best for young children to eat more black rice. For the little baby who is growing up, black rice is a better choice.

Black rice contains protein, trace, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances, the nutritional value is higher than ordinary rice.

  Experts say that regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, convalescent patients and young children, can significantly improve the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system, and is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain.In order to promote the recovery of maternal and physical weakness.

  In addition, black rice also has the functions of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, nourishing qi and strengthening the body, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, and nourishing the essence and strengthening the phlegm. It is a nourishing good product for anti-aging and nourishing the body.

  Pregnant women should not eat glutinous rice. For those who love beauty, eating glutinous rice and glutinous rice can detoxify and nourish the skin.

According to reports, barley rice is rich in nutrients, contains a variety of amino acids and vitamin B1, glucose and other nutrients, has the effect of water and moisture, spleen and diarrhea, clearing heat and detoxification; beauty effect is very significant, can make the skin smooth, reduce wrinklesIt eliminates pigment spots and has obvious curative effect on facial acne and rough skin. It also has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays.

However, it is precisely because of the above characteristics, dry stool, lack of semen, more urine, pregnant women should not eat glutinous rice.

  Spleen and stomach are not good to eat glutinous rice glutinous rice is also a good detoxification product, glutinous rice contains protein, bismuth, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other nutrients, there are Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing the stomach and spleen, stop diarrhea, detoxificationSuch effects can be used for debilitating stomach pain, stomach and duodenal ulcer, qi deficiency and spontaneous sweating.

  However, experts remind that glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so it is not appropriate to eat too much, especially for the elderly, children, and spleen and stomach.

  Millet porridge is the most nourishing. According to the introduction, millet protein, trace, sugar and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, because it is very easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, it is called “health meter” by nutrition experts.

Xiaomi has the functions of strengthening the spleen and the middle, benefiting the kidney, clearing the heat, and benefiting from urination and relieving the thirst. It is a nutritional rehabilitation product for treating spleen and stomach weakness, physical weakness, impaired blood, postpartum deficiency and loss of appetite.

Millet porridge is a nutritional rehabilitation product that deals with the damage of blood and loss of appetite.

  Recently, the new rice market, many people rushed to buy early adopters.
Nutrition experts point out that different types of rice have different effects.
It is best to eat rice according to your own needs, so that you can eat delicious and healthy.

Negative ion food is the lie of the seven most unreliable weight loss tips

Negative ion food is the lie of the seven most unreliable weight loss tips

In order to lose weight, Amy’s MMs will go online to find all kinds of weight loss tips, but can these tips really help you slim down?

In fact, many weight loss tips will make you fall into the slimming misunderstanding.

If you want to lose weight and lose weight, don’t fall into the slimming misunderstanding, then you must learn the correct weight loss common sense.

Here are the seven most unreliable weight loss tips for you, telling you the correct weight loss common sense, so that you can reduce your health and reduce your effectiveness, no need to blindly find ways to lose weight.

  First, you can’t eat after 8 pm, you can still eat.

  In fact, it doesn’t matter when you eat in the middle of the day. Anything that suits you can be eaten.

The energy consumption of food is only related to your day’s exercise. The relationship between them determines whether you are long or dead.

No matter what you eat, your body stores extra calories and traces.

If you want to eat snacks before going to bed, don’t hesitate, just think about how many calories you have eaten today, compare it, it’s OK.

  Second, eating this XXX will reduce the conversion error, there is no such thing as negative conversion food.

  You may have heard of some foods because they are difficult to digest and may make you lose weight.

Over the past few years, some foods have been labeled as negatively transferred foods, and have been favored by a wide range of weight loss enthusiasts, such as apples, citrus fruits, and celery.

The problem is that this is not true.

The calories burned by these foods in the body are insignificant compared to the calories they carry.

For example, chewing celery dish seems to be a very laborious action, but it is like using a small match on the grassland for calorie burning.

  Third, drinking a drink will not increase the conversion, and the liquid will also be converted.

  Have you calculated the conversion of your daily drink? Many people control their appetite, but they start to let themselves on the drink.

For example, the instant of a soda drink is equivalent to a piece of fruit plus a piece of toast, about 150 calories.

Smoothie juice (sand smoothie) can bring 500-1000 calories, and 16 mutations (453 grams) of latte + milk can bring 260 calories.

What’s more, our brains often don’t signal that the drink is stopped.

If you only want to add 1200-1500 calories per day, then use them for dinner.

  Then, as long as I drink the instant, it’s OK. Wrong, the unconverted drink will make you gain weight.

0 race cola is not good, here we only recommend pure water.

A study from the University of Texas showed that (involving 600 volunteers aged 25-64, the investigation lasted for 8 years), those who drink Diet soda (slimming soda) did not have significant weight loss.

This is not the cause, some scientists believe that this may be caused by industrial sweeteners on the brain.

  Fourth, desserts can not replace dinner, it will be fat, wrong!

  Occasionally eat a bucket of ice cream or cake instead of dinner, in fact, there is no problem, as long as they do not develop habits.

Don’t deliberately make your own desire for food, and occasionally eat your favorite food, which will actually reduce your chances of indulging yourself (overeating).

This will also help you better control your weight in the long run.

  Five, I will not lose weight, it will destroy the metabolism, weight loss or even weight loss will not destroy your metabolism.

  First come to know a word Yo-yo diet means repeated weight loss, or weight loss cycle (weight cycle).

Extremely low-speed dieting will slow down our metabolism, but it will only be temporary and will not damage our body.

A study from Canada (a survey of 58 women who lost weight repeatedly in 18 years) found that even women who repeatedly lose weight had good metabolism and were no different from ordinary people.

  Six, do not eat red meat can lose weight wrong, in fact, no.

  Red Meat does have a high level of trace content, but we do not have a problem with adding a trace of 30% lean meat per day.

So we need to pay attention to the trace content of different meats, but not too extreme.

  Seven, I don’t lose weight, it’s no use, weight loss is effective.

  Dieting is indeed an effective way to lose weight, just need to find a dieting method that is compatible with your lifestyle.If you are tired of calculating the odd calorie content of various foods, you can try the low-carbon diet (which requires no food at all, but can eat high-protein foods, that is, do not eat any starchy, high-sugar foods, andEat more meat, fish.

At its core is the control of plasma absorption, which converts the body’s metabolism from glucose consumption to consume a small amount of the main metabolic pattern.


And if you like to eat bread sandwiches, the low-carbon approach may not be right for you.

If you can’t live without cooking oil, then a Mediterranean diet may be more suitable for you.

(The main method is fruit, vegetables, fish, olive oil, supplemented with a small amount of meat.

In a word, weight loss can be achieved without too much pain, mainly to find your own way.