Stay up all night?

In fact, there is wet poison in the body, teach you 1 stroke, discharge moisture, beauty and beauty

Stay up all night?
In fact, there is wet poison in the body, teach you 1 stroke, discharge moisture, beauty and beauty

Acne is also painful and itchy, but also affects our appearance. It will bring us a lot of troubles for a long time. We have exhausted the method. The acne is still stubborn, not only has no effect, but also counterproductive and more and more serious.So we must not use the method indiscriminately, to find the real reason for the acne.

In fact, many people suffer from acne because of the heavy humidity in the body.

So what is the performance of the body’s moisture?

The body’s moisture weight generally has the following four manifestations1.

People with heavy moisture in the mental state often have a feeling of chest tightness. They only feel comfortable when they breathe deeply. They always feel very tired. They usually don’t bother to get up. They don’t want to get up in the morning. They don’t have the strength. The whole person is awkward.Can not afford the spirit, and the memory has gradually declined.


People with heavy body and urine in the urine and stool state may have urinary turbidity, loose stools, excessive leucorrhea in women, and itching of the genitals.

If the stool is formed, the moisture is heavy and the stool is sticky, it is difficult to clean the toilet, and it takes a few more toilet papers to wipe it clean.


Bad appetite, I don’t want to eat, I have a bad appetite, I have chest tightness and bloating, I have less appetite, I have a light mouth, my mouth is sticky, I am thirsty but I am too lazy to drink water. This is a manifestation of moisture, because the body will have a heavy appetite.affected.


Face acne oil is more likely to produce oil on the face, the complexion is not related to darkness, and the face is drooping, easy to produce acne, especially the face is prone to acne.

This is a manifestation of heavy moisture.

Long pox is because the body is wet and poisonous, teach you a trick, discharge toxins, beauty and beauty. People with heavy body weight are mostly greasy and lack of exercise.

These people often feel that their bodies are heavy and their limbs are weak and they are not willing to move. But the more they do not love sports, the more moisture they deposit in the body. Over time, it will inevitably lead to moisture attacking the spleen and triggering moist heat metabolism.

Strengthening exercise can both relieve stress and accelerate the excretion of moisture.

Because during the movement, the pores of the body surface open for heat dissipation, and the discharged sweat contains a lot of moisture.

Therefore, moisture can also be ventilated by exercise.

Daily acne small coup: 1.

The toilet water dew water has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Therefore, applying the dew water to the place with acne can eliminate the effect of bactericidal and bacteriostatic, and inhibit the growth of acne to a certain extent.


Honey uses a cotton swab to lick a little honey, and then apply it to the place where there is acne, which can help eliminate acne.


Potato chips and potato chips have anti-inflammatory effects. Applying potato chips to shells can control the anti-inflammatory effect.

Healthy in autumn, warm feet should be warm

Healthy in autumn, warm feet should be warm

After entering the autumn, although the temperature difference between day and night has become larger, the statement of “Autumn Tiger” indicates that this time will still be extremely hot.

At this time, many people will be surrounded by quilts and hair dryers when they sleep at night: they are covered with fear of heat, and they are afraid of catching cold.

How to adjust the temperature and sleep?

  The famous Shanghai sleep expert Shi Ming said that when sleeping at night, the body state is different from the daytime. The sweat pores are in an open state. If the temperature is not properly adjusted, it is likely to catch a cold or cause rheumatism.

  If the temperature is too cold, the elderly may also be at risk of cerebral infarction.

After the fall, the temperature will be reduced to 30 °C or above. Under normal circumstances, young people with good health can have an indoor temperature of about 8 °C at night. If it is old people and children, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is about 6 °C.

  So how do you blow it?

Medical experts in Taiwan’s “Health” magazine suggested that before going to bed, first open the air-conditioning to reduce the indoor temperature, wait for the sultry to dissipate, then turn off the air-conditioning, use the electric fan to convect the cold air indoors; or use the timing device to blow 3?
4 hours.

  Shi Ming reminded that when everyone uses air conditioners and fans to cool down at night, the wind direction cannot be blown directly against the human body, but should be blown sideways.

When the air conditioner is turned on, the indoor window should be opened and ventilated, and the air conditioner should be adjusted to the automatic temperature measurement and temperature adjustment.

It is advisable to keep the wind in the middle and low gears. It is best to use natural wind to keep the wind stable and the balance in the room.

  After using the air conditioner and the fan, can you use nothing?

Shi Ming said that it is best to cover a thin quilt to protect the buttocks and stomach.

Because the front and the stomach are easy to get cold, if you don’t cover things at night, it is easy to cause indigestion or a cold.

In the elderly over the age of 50, blood flow and vasoconstriction are no more than younger, and the covered quilt should be slightly thicker; the child is growing and the quilt should be thicker.

  If the couple is afraid of cold and one is afraid of heat, first adjust the room temperature to a relatively normal temperature, and then choose the thin and thick type of the quilt separately, fearing that the cold side is covered with a thick point, and the hot cover is thin.

The old man has to get the kidney

The old man has to get the kidney

Traditional Chinese medicine is the essence of the culture of hypertension for thousands of years. It enriches the wisdom of the ancestors. It is profound and profound. The Chinese medicine emphasizes the traceability of the source. The treatment must be fundamentally based on the fact that it cannot be a headache, a foot pain, and a kidney disease in the eyes of Chinese medicine practitioners.It is mainly from two dialectical points of view, yin deficiency and yang deficiency, according to different alternatives to adopt the corresponding treatment methods.

  There are two types of kidney deficiency: yin deficiency syndrome and yang deficiency syndrome.

Whether there are signs of cold in the symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as chills, cold hands and feet is yang deficiency; if there are dry mouth, hot feet and other hot signs, it may be yin deficiency.

Kidney deficiency has a great relationship with human aging, and kidney supplement can not be ignored in the prevention of premature aging.

  Food: Kidney color black “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” thinks that “kidney color is black”, because the black five-line attribute of the color is water, and the kidneys in the five internal organs are also water. All black foods have the function of tonifying the kidney, such as black beans and black rice., black sesame seeds, black fungus and so on.

In conclusion, “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine” thinks that “the kidneys are sputum”, which means the leaves of legumes, indicating bean sprouts, pea seedlings, etc.; if you must eat meat, pig lean meat is the most nutritious, because “Yellow Emperor” says”Kidney animal sputum”, 彘 is pig.

In addition, medlar, yam, and walnut are all famous remedies for kidney, which can be taken for a long time.

  Time: Adjusting the work of Chinese medicine pays attention to “the yang out of the yin is yin, the yang into the yin is sputum”, the natural and human yang in the daytime are upward, and vice versa.

If you don’t sleep at night, the human body must overcome the double break of the natural world and the human body’s yang inward and downward, so that the human body’s yang is extended upwards. This process is a process of energy consumption, which consumes the essence of the human body, that is, the human body.Kidney essence will inevitably lead to accelerated aging.

Adjusting the schedule is the most direct and simple way to tonify the kidney.

  Qi: Yishou Dantian has been sitting on the kidney for a long time. It is recommended to exercise for one hour every day to let the body move.

You can also try to adjust the interest rate method of “Immediately defending Dantian gas stagnation Dantian”.

First calm down and put your mind in Dantian, where the kidney is located under the navel.

When inhaling deeply, it naturally attracts the breath from the crotch along the midline of the human body to the top of the head. When exhaling, the breath sinks from the top to the dantian. A breathing process is a cycle of the gas along the midline of the body before and after the body, and let the breathTry to be deep, long, thin, and even.

In addition, Chinese medicine has a one-to-one correspondence between emotions and viscera, “fear hurts the kidneys”, and should prevent excessive fear of hurting the kidneys.

  Medicine: The right medicine for kidney deficiency is divided into two types: yin deficiency and yang deficiency.

Whether there are signs of cold in the symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as chills, cold hands and feet is yang deficiency; if there are dry mouth, hot feet and other hot signs, it may be yin deficiency.

Kidney yin deficiency can be used to treat Chinese medicine such as Scrophulariaceae, Ligustrum lucidum, Eclipta prostrata, Mulberry, Dendrobium, etc., and can also replace Liuwei Dihuang Pill.

  Middle-aged and elderly people can cure kidney deficiency and prevent aging. They can also supplement some Chinese herbal medicines such as cinnamon powder, velvet antler, epimedium, curculigo, scorpion, eucommia, dipsacus, Cistanche, Cynomorium, psoralen, walnut and other Chinese herbal medicines.

  Xiao Bian reminds everyone that kidney must be the right medicine, can not be used indiscriminately, so as not to affect the health of the body.