Longevity food is so easy to get

Longevity food is so easy to get

There are so many foods in our lives that help us live for centuries. Maybe it’s just an inconspicuous fruit around us. Food can help us live forever, and in addition to the world’s ten recognized foods that can help us live longer.In addition, in fact, there are still many foods in daily life that can help us live longer. Do you know them?

Today, bring these foods that are common in life but are forgotten by us!

  Conditioning the body: yoghurt We all know that yoghurt is derived from the processing of milk. The nutrition of milk yoghurt is higher, and the nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body, and the yoghurt can keep our endocrine in one.Balanced state, quantifying yoghurt can help us digest food, what is food? The “fine” in “fine spirit” is absorbed from food, and people with good digestive system tend to live longer, that is,It can enhance our immunity and reduce our chances of getting sick. Disease is also one of the demons that hinder our longevity.

  Fungus group: Mushroom mushroom is a kind of food that can help us live longer. Mushrooms are rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other elements that have large oxides for us, and its trace content is very low but the protein content is very high.A health food for all ages, and mushrooms can help us fight cancer, resist physical aging, improve the body’s immunity, prevent many diseases, and although mushrooms have many benefits, we don’t eat often, somePeople think that mushrooms are poisonous. In fact, this is not right. Eating mushrooms can help us resist aging. He is a good longevity food!

 The Spirit of Shanzhen: Some friends of fungus do not like to eat fungus, but the nutritional value of fungus is very high. His appearance rate on our table has always been high. The fungus has the reputation of “black jewel”.The role of blood, detoxification, hemostasis and swelling, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can help us avoid stones. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases help us solve all these diseases that endanger life safety.

Escort our longevity road.

  Black Pearl: Black rice and black rice have a good nourishing effect. Many people call it “longevity rice” and the nutritional value of black rice is often about a quarter higher than that of white rice, and black rice can help us to supplement the missing traces in the body.The elements, nourish the liver and spleen, nourish the kidneys, remove the impurities in the blood, some of the above can often be healthy and longevity as long as they sit a little, not to mention the black rice at the same time, and the postpartum anemia mother and anemia childrenYou can quickly improve this situation by eating more black rice, and we rarely have to eat black rice in life. This has to be said to be a pity!

  The fruit of longevity: Tomatoes and tomatoes are widely loved because they can resist cancer and have a delicious feeling. Why can tomatoes help us to live longer? This is mainly because the element of “lycopene” in tomatoes is called a plant.The gold in it is partially visible. Lycopene is one of the strongest antioxidants in nature. It can promote the growth of our cells and delay the aging of cells. We are made up of cells, delaying the aging rate of cells.It is to delay our own aging speed and achieve the goal of longevity.

  Blood donation: Spinach spinach not only supplements blood and iron, but also prevents cancer. But these are not the protagonists of today. Today’s protagonist is rich in vitamin E in spinach. Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant, it can be effective.The oxidation of tissue cells, then what is the oxidation of cells, you can think of it as the old cells to transfer the energy of life to the new cells, but the energy will be lost in the process of transmission, which is the aging of life.One reason, but spinach can effectively organize this process, delaying the process of life aging is to extend the length of life is not this reason!

  The process of wine people’s life is the process in which metal is oxidized in nature. In nature, we are gradually oxidized. Then some people say that if we leave oxygen, we can’t survive. What is the situation?Our body is not the “oxygen free radicals” contained in oxygen or oxygen. The wine is rich in antioxidants. We can properly eliminate the “oxygen free radicals” in the body to help us delay the aging process.In order to achieve the purpose of making us healthy and longevity, how many wines do we fit in every day?

Recommended for middle-aged men here is 100 per day?
150 ml, no more than 110 ml per day per day, ladies can reduce the amount of “oxygen free radicals” on our body by appropriately reducing the amount of more than 10 ml on the basis of men!

Don’t be busy sleeping after a man’s sex life

Don’t be busy sleeping after a man’s sex life

Men often feel tired after sex, so many people like to fall asleep and think that this will eliminate fatigue.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Sleeping immediately after sex can even cause the woman’s unhappiness, and the post-fatigue after ejaculation continues until the next day.

  Usually, when a couple lives a sexual life, they start from sexual excitement and end their orgasm. Under normal circumstances, the duration is about 5-20 minutes, and it is longer than this.

During sexual life, the human sympathetic nerves are in a state of high tension, and various hormones, especially sex hormones, are secreted.

At this time, both sex organs are highly congested, and from the sexual excitement to the high tide, many tissues of the body are also involved in this special physiological process, such as: rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, accelerated breathing, and systemic skin blood vessels.Expansion, increased sweating, etc.

Therefore, in this process, the energy consumption of the body is significantly increased and the metabolism is enhanced.

  The reason why there is fatigue after sex life is mainly due to the fact that the control of the cerebrospinal fluid that discharges semen is interrupted after the ejaculation.

During ejaculation, the nerves are excited and nervous, and the nerves and spinal cord reflex nerves relax after ejaculation.

  Young people are sensitive and active, so they recover quickly, and some even recover immediately.

In elderly people, the nerve response is slow, and the recovery time is relatively offset. If you fall asleep immediately after ejaculation, the reflex function that causes fatigue will continue to decrease, and the fatigue will be difficult to disappear.

  Do not sleep immediately after sexual intercourse, get up and continue to do some daily things, can make the reflex nerves that have become dull due to sexual stimulation to recover smoothly.

If you fall asleep immediately after the completion of the event, the slow effect of sleep plus the slow effect of sexual stimulation, causing fatigue until the next day, let you backache.

  Therefore, after sexual intercourse, remember not to turn to sleep immediately; watch TV, get up for a drink of water, or sleep slowly with your wife, will not let fatigue last until the next day.

Star recommended homemade Chinese herbal slimming tea

Star recommended homemade Chinese herbal slimming tea

We often lament that the old, middle-aged and young-age women in the Korean drama have a graceful posture. In fact, this is related to their promotion of beauty. Once they realize it, the overall level will increase accordingly.

Originally, it was a Korean medicine originating from traditional Chinese medicine. It was also well received for Chinese medicine to lose weight. The herbal tea slimming tea method advocated by the representative Jin Zhaoheng was highly praised by the local people.

She also prescribed different prescriptions for different types of hypertension.

Peony tea – cold hands and feet for some women often feel cold hands and feet, in fact, because their blood circulation is not smooth, it is recommended to use peony tea to promote blood circulation, the accumulation of accumulated blood in the body to replace the body.

The actual is very simple, 15 grams of wild dried peony and 400 ml of water to cook together, when the remaining half of the weight, then add ginger, dates and honey.

Glutinous rice green tea – water-disinfecting poison When the water in the body is turned into a toxin, it is easy to induce edema. At this time, it is necessary to absorb the herbal tea which can warm the body and remove excess water from the body.

Rice green tea can remove body moisture and detoxify the body. It is a good choice.

First, cook 100 grams of glutinous rice, 200 grams of mung beans and 600-800 ml of water together. When the water is half left, add green tea. Continue to heat for one minute to turn off the heat. Remember to drink three times a day.

Banxia tea – poor metabolism for Pinellia and sputum stagnation helps to eliminate stagnation and indigestion, so it has a certain effect on chronic fatigue caused by poor metabolism, indigestion and headache.
Only need 6 grams of Pinellia, 4 grams of sputum, plus 500 ml of water to cook together for about 10 minutes, you can add some honey when you drink.

However, the semi-Xia Xi Xin is warm and dry, the user should decide whether it is suitable according to individual circumstances, and Fuxi is a lot of civilians. The oyster paste that we often contact, Sishen Tang uses it as raw material, spleen and diuretic.There are also effects of lowering blood sugar, calming, and qi. Some people are used to eating for a long time.

Daily health knowledge

Daily health knowledge

We are busy every day during the day, and when we get off work at night, we are watching mobile phones and playing computer. This cycle of daily circulation is extremely harmful to the body. The following small series will give you some tips on health and hope to help everyone!

[healthy snacks]Peanut: anti-aging, delaying brain function decline, moisturizing and other sunflower seeds: treatment of insomnia, enhance memory, beauty and other walnuts: stomach, blood, lungs, body, brain and other jujube: qi and nourishing, spleen, anti-allergic, anti-cancer and other cheese: enhance resistance, solid teeth, calcium and other figs: heat, spleen, swelling, blood circulation and other pistachios: neurasthenia, anemia, malnutrition and other raisins: eliminate fatigue、恢复视力等【冬季养生‘煮’】苹果:煮熟了有止泻等作用梨:蒸熟了具有清热润肺、止咳化痰等枣:蒸熟的枣比生枣更容易消化山楂:蒸Cooked hawthorn does not hurt the spleen and stomach grapefruit skin: boiled with honey, soup, digestion, mites, hangover, beauty and other effects[healthy breakfast]soy milk: suitable for those who are afraid of fat, with fried eggs, poached eggs and other pure milk: suitable for allPeople, with bread, cereals and other breakfast milk: suitable for people with lactose intolerance, with bread category porridge: suitable for people who need stomach, with buns and other fruit and vegetable juices: suitable for detoxification of the intestines, free to match[winter health reminds youForging炼Do not play the body too soon!

Don’t go to the shower every winter!

Warm feet and sleep at night!

Do not eat breakfast stomach can not stand!

Drink mutton soup warm and good health!

May you warm and happy in winter!

Qigong moves can help slim down

Qigong moves can help slim down

Qigong has very great benefits for physiological health. Long-term use of Qigong to exercise the body has its unintended effect. It can not only strengthen the body but also prolong life. If you are still struggling to find a way to lose weight, try Tai Chi Qigong to lose weight.

This is a more commonly used qigong method. It is a means of weight loss by using the Taiji exercise method. It has a certain effect on simple obesity.

  1, starting from the adjustment of 1 natural growth, feet and shoulder width; with chest pull back, both hands naturally droop.

2 The two arms are slowly raised forward, the hands are slightly above the shoulders, the palms are down, and the air is inhaled.

3 The upper body is kept straight, the legs are bent down, and the hands are gently pressed down until it is flat with the navel, the palm is down, and exhaled.

  2, open the chest 1 will press the two hands in parallel to the chest, the knees gradually straighten, turn the palms, palms opposite, parallel to the opposite pull, to the end, do chest expansion, while inhaling.

2 Move the hands on both sides parallel to the middle, to the chest, change the two palms down, press the knees under the process, and exhale at the same time.

  3, waving the rainbow 1 will press the two hands in parallel to the chest, then the knees gradually straighten, the two hands continue to rise to the top of the head, the arms straight up, the two palms forward, while inhaling.

  2 The center of gravity moves to the right foot, the right leg is slightly flexed, the left foot is straight, the tip of the foot is on the ground, the left hand is from the top to the vertical, straight and flat, the palm is up, and the right elbow joint is bent into a semicircle on the right side, the right palmContinue to inhale down.

The center of gravity moves to the left foot, the left leg is slightly flexed, the right foot is straight, the ground is pointed to the ground, the right hand is from the top of the head to the right, straight and flat, the palm is upward, and the left elbow joint is bent into a semicircle on the left side, and the left palm is facingNext, exhale at the same time.

  4, the wheel arm splits the cloud 1 center of gravity moved between the two legs, the legs into a horse step, the two hands down, crossed in front of the lower abdomen, the palm of the right hand is stacked on the back of the left hand.

  2 hands apart, lifted from the side of the body to the top of the head, palms hold the sky, while inhaling.

  3 Both arms descend from the top at the same time, the palms of both hands are downward, gradually intersecting into the front of the lower abdomen, the elbow joint is slightly flexed, and exhaled at the same time.

  5, step by step rewinding 泫 1 station is a good horse step, the left hand is extended upwards, the right hand is arced from the bottom to the back, the waist is turned to the right, the right hand is visually inhaled.

Then raise the right arm to bend the elbow, palm forward, push forward through the ear side, and exhale.

Then, the left hand was collected to the chest, just past the right hand and the small fish.

2 The left hand is drawn from the bottom to the back and the arc is turned to the left. The left hand is turned and the air is inhaled.

Then lift the left arm to bend the elbow, palm forward, push forward through the ear side, and exhale.

Then, the right hand was collected to the chest, just past the left hand and the small fish.

So the left and right hands alternate.

  6, lake heart rowing 1 When the left hand pushes the palm on the chest and the right hand rubs, put the palms up, and draw the arc from the bottom to the front.

The arms are straight up and the palms are facing forward, while inhaling.

  2 Bend, and the straight-up hands will then arc the back and down and exhale.

3 When both hands are at the bottom of the back, gradually straighten the waist, and the hands on both sides are raised to the outside with the palm facing forward and inhaling at the same time.

  7, turned to the moon, 1 foot is naturally slender, the two hands are placed next to the body, the two arms are swung to the left and the upper left, the upper body is turned to the left, the left rear is as far as the moon, while inhaling, and then returning to the natural postureExhale at the same time.
  2 The two arms swing to the right and the upper side, and the upper body rotates to the right. The right rear upper side is like the moon, and the air is inhaled.

Then return to the natural posture and exhale.

Nourishing health care bird’s nest articles

Nourishing health care bird’s nest articles

The practice of bird’s nest (traditional swallows):?

, choose a good Yan Yan;?

Take a bowl, add water, and add the scorpion.

After the bubble is completed, retract it;

Use tweezers to remove the fine hair and impurities from the soaked bird’s nest and rinse it with water several times;

Tear the cleaned bird’s nest into strips, try not to break it;

, the pot outside the pot is filled with water, the liner is added to the bird’s nest and the adapted pure water;

Add water to the cauldron, add the saucepan to the cauldron, boil over the fire, and simmer until the fire is slow, about 40-45 minutes;

Pour the stewed bird’s nest into a bowl and add it according to your personal taste. Add rock sugar water, coconut milk, milk, wolfberry, fruit and so on.

7 major precautions for stewing bird’s nest (1) Try to use cold water in the bird’s nest. Do not use hot water to make hair (Yan Anju is stewed pure bird’s nest without foaming, avoid picking).

(2) Bird’s nest is best stewed with water. It is not advisable to use sputum and boil to prevent the loss of nutrients.

(3) If you want to eat sweet bird’s nest, it is best to use rock sugar, not white sugar and brown sugar.

(4) Bird’s nest should pick hair, picking hair should pay attention not to destroy the swallow, the swallow stew will taste better (Yan Anju is stewed pure bird’s nest free foam, avoid picking).

(5) The taste can not be mixed. The bird’s nest is cooked with pure soup. It is suitable for salty chicken broth, mushroom broth, sweet edible coconut juice, almond juice and rock sugar.

(6) Bird’s nest is both salty and sweet, but from all aspects, sweets are better.

Usually, the same composition of dried bird’s nest is used as a dessert for more than 1/3 of the salty food.

The effect of bird’s nest on women: women often eat bird’s nest to maintain skin, make skin moist, smooth, elastic and elastic regulation to regulate endocrine circulation, bird’s nest for women’s skin care, make skin smooth and white, reduce facial wrinkles, remove acne, blood and blood circulation,Going to a new birth, women’s menstrual discomfort, menstrual pain, menstruation and more good results.

The effect of bird’s nest on pregnant women: Women need the most nutrients during pregnancy. Because the bird’s nest is rich in active protein, it can promote the growth of human tissues and improve immunity.

Pregnant women eat bird’s nest can almost nourish the mother, bird’s nest acid contained in bird’s nest can replace the future newborn baby more strong, white, and enhance resistance.

#滋补# Health products must be adhered to, usually can improve their skin body, they do not love themselves, no one will love you, before I saw my first half of life, Luo Zijun fortunately good maintenance, even if divorced, still many people loveWe must also love ourselves and care for ourselves, haha?

Looking down at the book for a long time?

Inviting cervical spondylosis

Looking down at the book for a long time?
Inviting cervical spondylosis

Many people are used to sitting on the sofa comfortably after dinner to see the newspapers understand the national events, but such a casual habit can actually cause people to have a stroke, it sounds terrible.

  According to the “Health News” report, Jiang Aunt has the habit of sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper.

Recently, she always felt a sore neck and neck pain, but sitting on a hard chair did not feel this way.

In fact, this happens to be caused by reading a newspaper on a soft sofa.

  Sedentary sofa reading and reading newspapers, it is easy to cause the above symptoms, especially for the elderly with cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae.

The reason is that the sofa is relatively speaking, and its elasticity is that the person sits up to the hip and the back muscles are elongated at the back of the pelvis.

Reading in this position, if the two hands raise the book, close, the alignment and the eyes are comfortable, but it will not last long and will naturally sag.

At this time, both eyes naturally look down and at the same time reach the bend.

  After a long time, it is easy to cause eye muscle fatigue and muscle soreness.

If you put the book on your lap and read the book down, the back muscles are stretched and stretched due to the gravity of the head. The same muscle has been stretched over the pelvis and stretched again.It can make people feel back and neck pain.

  For people with severe cervical spondylosis, suddenly raising their heads after reading a book, it is easy to cause dizziness, nausea and other symptoms due to temporary cerebral palsy, and may also cause a sudden stroke.

Thin face and small remedies to create a small face beauty

Thin face and small remedies to create a small face beauty

Although everyone will say that your face is fat, so cute, but there will be a slight twist in your heart. Maybe you are a standard figure, but you will be called a little fat girl or a big face girl.If you want to lose face quickly, try some of the face-lifting recipes below.

There will be surprises!


Massage in the morning and evening for 5 minutes → slack, edema is effective for a good holiday time, do not need to streamline the skin care steps as usual, so whether it is skin relaxation or edema formation, it is recommended to massage 3-5 minutes every morning and evening.

Many brands have lifted and tightened products, and the products that eliminate edema are introduced. With the massage, the effect will be better.

  Most brands of beauty consultants will master a set of massage techniques to match skin care products, you can go to the counter to learn.

Don’t play it yourself, don’t follow the trend of skin texture, it may be counterproductive.


Click on the mysterious face-lifting point → the firming skin has a magical effect on the outside of the anterior neck laryngeal 3cm and the acupoint located in the concave lower part of the lip, which has the magical function of enhancing the blood circulation of the face and tightening the skin.

  Lie on your back on the bed, support your body with your elbows, tilt back to the rear, hold for 10 seconds, slowly reposition the chin on the ground, stay for 5 seconds, then relax and repeat.


Avoid harshness in the surrounding environment → Eliminate edema and listen to low-stress music, sympathetic excitement, will hinder circulation, if the face is easily edema, you should give up “excessive” music; under strong light, parasympathetic nerves cannot be performed.Effective activities, the body feels nervous, the face will also swell, so indoors, it is best to use a softer light source; after 8 pm, avoid drinking caffeine-containing stimulating drinks.


Scraping → thin face new remedy scraping is one of the traditional natural remedies. It is based on the theory of dermis of Chinese medicine. It is used to wipe the skin-related parts with utensils (horns, jade, cupping) to achieve the purpose of dredging meridians and promoting blood circulation.

  Many girls who advocate face-lifting face will try their best to face-lifting. In fact, in addition to the usual face-lifting method we usually use, it is also a very good choice to scrape face-lifting face?
Face scraping can promote circulation and make facial lines more beautiful.

  Tip: Start from the change of daily movements to tighten the chin ● When you walk, you will be slightly elevated, which will improve your temperament and eliminate the shackles of your double chin.

  ● When taking a photo, slightly lower your head and take the camera beyond the eye level. This is a standard, beautiful face.

  Extended reading: face-lift food list, fascinating fairy face to eat!

  Seaweed: Seaweed is rich in nutritive value, high in iodine content, and oral choline and calcium, iron, effective treatment of edema, and even cancer.

You can do more seaweed soup to drink.

  Spinach: A small, small spinach is rich in potassium and vitamins a and c, but spinach is a very easy to lose nutritious ingredient, and you need to pay special attention to cooking.

  Natto: The easy-to-preserve natto is one of the necessities of a Japanese breakfast. Natto is rich in potassium and is said to be one of the healthy, long-lived foods.

So we have to eat more natto!

  Bean seedlings: Green bean sprouts contain a lot of nutrients. It has a lot of potassium to help eliminate edema, and it also has an intensive chewing effect. It is a high-quality food that has both nutritional value and oral activity.

  Celery: Like the above foods, celery has the nutritional value and the function of promoting oral activity. It is just as a food, or the most smooth in the summer, simple raw food, celery is a very delicious and healthy diet!

Thailand’s gorgeous colors of life and fun

Thailand’s gorgeous colors of life and fun

I have been to Thailand many times, the beach, the sun, perfect for people to linger, and recollect.

This trip has also brought me a wonderful experience as always.

Especially the two attractions impressed me, the Floating Market and Green Mountain National Park.

  The floating market in Bangkok, Thailand is a great destination for many foreign tourists.

  Come here, at first glance, it will be reminiscent of the waters of Jiangnan, the kind of gentle, sly temperament, but the difference is that there are tropical unique colors, lively, lively, full of passionate life.
  The water surface is wide, and the ships that come and go often are like the vehicles on the land above the water surface. The farmer wearing a hat is carrying the farm products full of ships, chic crafts, colorful flowers, stop and go without restrictions, the water surface is everywhere.You can hear the unique gentle voice of Thailand, which is very lively.

  The goods here can be bargained, and the 50% discount is almost the same, which can save excess money for the purse.

  I have been to Thailand many times, the beach, the sun, perfect for people to linger, and recollect.

This trip has also brought me a wonderful experience as always.
Especially the two attractions impressed me, the Floating Market and Green Mountain National Park.
  The Green Mountain National Park in the market gave me a very deep impression. It is like a paradise running away from the wild forests of the city.

  More than 8,000 animals are housed in Green Mountain National Park, and most of the animals are stocked.

  Here, you can feed your cute sika deer by yourself.

The most exciting thing is that the park activities here can be carried out at night, sitting in a convertible convertible, with lights on the top of the car that can be illuminated from a distance, seeing animals or blue or green eyes in the night, mysterious.

  There is also a chic tent hotel in the park. The tents are built in a beautiful park. The tent suites are decorated with bamboo tatami, which is exquisite and comfortable.

  It is particularly worth mentioning that the bath is all open-air, passing through a smooth and clean grass to the bathing place.

A tent for bathing guarantees privacy and an open-air roof, enjoying the fun of the water bath in the bright sunshine.

  I have been to Thailand many times, the beach, the sun, perfect for people to linger, and recollect.

This trip has also brought me a wonderful experience as always.
Especially the two attractions impressed me, the Floating Market and Green Mountain National Park.
  The splendid palace of coconuts, the various kinds of show, the kingdom of elephants, the holy places of Buddhism, the stimulating and adventurous crocodile show, the romance of the beach, the elegance of Bangkok, and the romantic atmosphere of Pattaya are so dazzling.

  There are also Thai sweets for people to eat, not only a wide variety and bright colors, especially the sweets made of fruits.

This trip made me see a certain feature, more fantastic Thailand.

Sexually cold soy milk is not for everyone to drink

Sexually cold soy milk is not for everyone to drink


Soymilk is cold, indigestion, and people with bad qi and kidney function are better off drinking soy milk.

In addition, soy milk can produce gas under the action of enzymes, so people with bloating and diarrhea should not drink soy milk.


Brown sugar can not be added to the soy milk, because there are many organic acids in the brown sugar. They are combined with the protease in the soy milk to easily decompose and precipitate the protein, which is not easily absorbed by the body.

White sugar does not have this phenomenon.


Some people like to use soaked milk in a warm bottle to keep warm. This method is not enough, because the warm environment of the thermos is very beneficial to the bacteria.

In addition, the soap toxin in the soy milk can also dissolve the scale in the thermos bottle, and drinking it will endanger human health.


Since soy milk is made of soybeans, and soybeans contain high glutinous rice and are cold foods, so those with symptoms of gout, fatigue, physical weakness, mental fatigue and other symptoms should not drink soy milk.


Soymilk must not only be boiled, but also must be opened when cooking soymilk, because only the open lid can make the harmful substances in the soy milk convert to volatilization.


It should also be reminded that soy milk must not be taken with antibiotics such as erythromycin, because two interventions will occur, and the interval between drinking soy milk and taking antibiotics is preferably more than one hour.