Teach you to use a towel to relieve fatigue and restore your look

Teach you to use a towel to relieve fatigue and restore your look

The forehead of the oil, the large pores, make the skin no longer as clean as jade; the swollen eyes, the bulging eye bags make people suddenly listless; and the sun is red, hot face and a lot.

In fact, solving these skin problems is quite simple, and an ice towel can play a very good role.

  Dr. Li Liwei, Department of Dermatology, Jingxi Hospital, Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, said that when you need to use it, you can wrap the towel that is clean and aligned in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.Cold applied.

  The ice towel has shrinkage capillaries, reduces skin burning, headache itch, relieves irritation, relieves skin allergic reactions and the like.

Using an ice towel with some materials for cold compressing, you can combine to eliminate eye edema, shrink pores, and relieve skin sunburn.

  Ice towel + bag of tea.

  Because the rest is not good at night, the eyes are prone to edema in the morning.

At this time, the used bag of tea can be wrapped in an ice towel and applied to the eyes for about 10 minutes to help relieve eye swelling.

Because the tannin contained in the tea is a good astringent, the ice towel can shrink the capillaries around the eyes, help the skin around the eyes to swell, and the tired eyes can quickly recover.

  Ice towel + lotion.

  For those who have excessive oil secretion and large pores, the first thing to do is to wash your face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing products, then take some astringent lotion and apply it with an ice towel to help shrink pores.Makes the skin feel very refreshing.

  Ice towel + aloe vera.

  After exposure to the sun, the skin will become red and hot. At this time, cold compress with an ice towel will calm the skin and reduce the irritation.

After applying the face with an ice towel, cut the fresh aloe vera into thin slices and stick it on the wooden board to better alleviate the sun damage to the skin.

Because aloe vera has a good nourishment and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Ten longevity secrets of the old Chinese medicine ancestors

Ten longevity secrets of the old Chinese medicine ancestors

One of the ten longevity secrets of the old Chinese medicine ancestors, to protect your feet and keep your feet warm is a way to raise your kidneys.

This is because the kidneys start from the soles of the feet, and the feet are vulnerable to cold.

Therefore, the foot should pay special attention to keep warm, do not put your feet against the air conditioner or electric fan while sleeping; do not walk barefoot in the aligned place for a long time.

In addition, there are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, such as Yongquan.

“The kidneys are out of the spring, and the springs are full of heart.”

“Every night before going to bed, you can press the Yongquan point at the bottom of your feet. Massage the Yongquan points to play the role of nourishing the kidney and solidifying the essence.”

  Second, the stool should be unobstructed, the stool will stop, and the turbidity will attack, which will make people upset, chest tightness and shortness of breath, and will hurt the kidney, causing backache, nausea and vomiting.

Therefore, keeping the stool smooth is also a way to raise the kidney.

When the stool is difficult to understand, you can use both hands to stick the back of the kidney area, press hard to push the kidney, and accelerate the bowel movement; when walking, press the kidney area with both hands to relieve the symptoms of backache.

  Third, drinking water and nourishing kidney water is the source of life.

Insufficient water, it may cause turbidity and stagnation, which will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Therefore, regular drinking water is an important method of raising kidneys.

  Fourth, there is urine, do not endure the urine stored in the bladder to a certain extent, it will stimulate the nerves, resulting in urination reflex.

At this time, be sure to go to the toilet in time to clean the urination.

Otherwise, the accumulated urination will become a turbid gas and invade the kidneys.

Therefore, it is necessary to discharge in time when there is urine, and it is also one of the best ways to raise kidney.

  Fifth, the saliva in the mouth of the swallowing and nourishing kidney is divided into two parts: the saliva is the thin, the spleen is the main; the thick is the saliva, which is dominated by the kidney.

You can do an experiment, spit it out in the mouth with saliva, and in less than a day, you will feel the waist is sore and tired.

This in turn proves that swallowing body fluid can nourish kidney essence and play a kidney-preserving role.

  Sixth, there are many foods that can protect kidneys and kidneys.

In addition to black black sesame seeds, black fungus, black rice, black beans and other black food can raise the kidney, walnuts, leeks, shrimp, sheep waist, etc. can also play a role in kidney and kidney.

  Seven, sleep and sleep too much sleep for the biochemistry of blood, kidney maintenance plays an important role.

Clinically, many patients with renal failure have experienced excessive day and night, fatigue, and lack of sleep.

Therefore, do not stay up late, develop good habits, work early and get up early, is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence.

  Eight, to avoid fatigue, physical exertion, excessive labor will hurt, mental work will be too heavy to hurt the blood, excessive room labor will hurt.

Therefore, we must do our best, work hard, and have a good relationship.

This will help to nourish the kidney and protect the kidney.

  Nine, vigilant drugs, whether Chinese medicine or Western medicine, there are some alternatives, some drugs will cause kidney damage.

Therefore, be vigilant when using drugs, read the instructions carefully, and when you need to take certain drugs for a long time, you should consult relevant experts.

  Ten, sports and kidney life is in sports.

It is a positive measure worthy of advocating through exercise to nourish the kidneys.

Here, I will introduce you to the exercise method that helps to improve the kidneys and make it easy to learn. After the palms are rubbed to the palms, put them on the waist, palms to the skin, massage the waist up and down, until there is a sense of heat.

It can be done once in the morning and evening, about 200 times each time.

This exercise can replenish the kidneys.


Healthy in autumn, warm feet should be warm

Healthy in autumn, warm feet should be warm

After entering the autumn, although the temperature difference between day and night has become larger, the statement of “Autumn Tiger” indicates that this time will still be extremely hot.

At this time, many people will be surrounded by quilts and hair dryers when they sleep at night: they are covered with fear of heat, and they are afraid of catching cold.

How to adjust the temperature and sleep?

  The famous Shanghai sleep expert Shi Ming said that when sleeping at night, the body state is different from the daytime. The sweat pores are in an open state. If the temperature is not properly adjusted, it is likely to catch a cold or cause rheumatism.

  If the temperature is too cold, the elderly may also be at risk of cerebral infarction.

After the fall, the temperature will be reduced to 30 °C or above. Under normal circumstances, young people with good health can have an indoor temperature of about 8 °C at night. If it is old people and children, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is about 6 °C.

  So how do you blow it?

Medical experts in Taiwan’s “Health” magazine suggested that before going to bed, first open the air-conditioning to reduce the indoor temperature, wait for the sultry to dissipate, then turn off the air-conditioning, use the electric fan to convect the cold air indoors; or use the timing device to blow 3?
4 hours.

  Shi Ming reminded that when everyone uses air conditioners and fans to cool down at night, the wind direction cannot be blown directly against the human body, but should be blown sideways.

When the air conditioner is turned on, the indoor window should be opened and ventilated, and the air conditioner should be adjusted to the automatic temperature measurement and temperature adjustment.

It is advisable to keep the wind in the middle and low gears. It is best to use natural wind to keep the wind stable and the balance in the room.

  After using the air conditioner and the fan, can you use nothing?

Shi Ming said that it is best to cover a thin quilt to protect the buttocks and stomach.

Because the front and the stomach are easy to get cold, if you don’t cover things at night, it is easy to cause indigestion or a cold.

In the elderly over the age of 50, blood flow and vasoconstriction are no more than younger, and the covered quilt should be slightly thicker; the child is growing and the quilt should be thicker.

  If the couple is afraid of cold and one is afraid of heat, first adjust the room temperature to a relatively normal temperature, and then choose the thin and thick type of the quilt separately, fearing that the cold side is covered with a thick point, and the hot cover is thin.

糯米排毒 Previous rice nourishing

糯米排毒 Previous rice nourishing

Recently, the new rice market, many people rushed to buy early adopters.

Nutrition experts point out that different types of rice have different effects.

It is best to eat rice according to your own needs, so that you can eat delicious and healthy.

  The maternal old man should eat the ordinary rice that was previously used to cook rice, also known as the previous rice or polished rice.

Zuo Xiaoxia, a nutritionist at the Nutrition Department of the 309th Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, said that the previous rice contains essential starches, proteins, traces, vitamins, niacin and calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can provide the nutrients and metabolism needed by the human body.

At the same time, the previous spleen and stomach, supplementing the gas, nourishing yin and fluid, in addition to annoying thirst, solid intestinal diarrhea and other effects, can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, trouble, malnutrition, post-illness and other complications.

The previous rice porridge can be used for health and prolongation. Before the rice porridge, the top layer of porridge oil can replenish and replenish, which is most suitable for patients, maternity and the elderly.

However, diabetic patients should not eat the previous rice porridge.

  Rough rice helps digestion improve constipation For those who are often constipated, slender rice is a good choice.

The so-called flour rice is to remove the rice husk during the secondary milling process.

The protein, trace amount and vitamin content of the crude rice are more than that of the fine white rice. The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer contribute to peristalsis and are effective for stomach diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids and other digestive diseases.

Compared with white rice, nutrients can reduce blood plasma and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

  It is best for young children to eat more black rice. For the little baby who is growing up, black rice is a better choice.

Black rice contains protein, trace, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances, the nutritional value is higher than ordinary rice.

  Experts say that regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, convalescent patients and young children, can significantly improve the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system, and is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain.In order to promote the recovery of maternal and physical weakness.

  In addition, black rice also has the functions of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, nourishing qi and strengthening the body, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, and nourishing the essence and strengthening the phlegm. It is a nourishing good product for anti-aging and nourishing the body.

  Pregnant women should not eat glutinous rice. For those who love beauty, eating glutinous rice and glutinous rice can detoxify and nourish the skin.

According to reports, barley rice is rich in nutrients, contains a variety of amino acids and vitamin B1, glucose and other nutrients, has the effect of water and moisture, spleen and diarrhea, clearing heat and detoxification; beauty effect is very significant, can make the skin smooth, reduce wrinklesIt eliminates pigment spots and has obvious curative effect on facial acne and rough skin. It also has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays.

However, it is precisely because of the above characteristics, dry stool, lack of semen, more urine, pregnant women should not eat glutinous rice.

  Spleen and stomach are not good to eat glutinous rice glutinous rice is also a good detoxification product, glutinous rice contains protein, bismuth, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and other nutrients, there are Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing the stomach and spleen, stop diarrhea, detoxificationSuch effects can be used for debilitating stomach pain, stomach and duodenal ulcer, qi deficiency and spontaneous sweating.

  However, experts remind that glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so it is not appropriate to eat too much, especially for the elderly, children, and spleen and stomach.

  Millet porridge is the most nourishing. According to the introduction, millet protein, trace, sugar and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, because it is very easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, it is called “health meter” by nutrition experts.

Xiaomi has the functions of strengthening the spleen and the middle, benefiting the kidney, clearing the heat, and benefiting from urination and relieving the thirst. It is a nutritional rehabilitation product for treating spleen and stomach weakness, physical weakness, impaired blood, postpartum deficiency and loss of appetite.

Millet porridge is a nutritional rehabilitation product that deals with the damage of blood and loss of appetite.

  Recently, the new rice market, many people rushed to buy early adopters.
Nutrition experts point out that different types of rice have different effects.
It is best to eat rice according to your own needs, so that you can eat delicious and healthy.