Daily health knowledge

Daily health knowledge

We are busy every day during the day, and when we get off work at night, we are watching mobile phones and playing computer. This cycle of daily circulation is extremely harmful to the body. The following small series will give you some tips on health and hope to help everyone!

[healthy snacks]Peanut: anti-aging, delaying brain function decline, moisturizing and other sunflower seeds: treatment of insomnia, enhance memory, beauty and other walnuts: stomach, blood, lungs, body, brain and other jujube: qi and nourishing, spleen, anti-allergic, anti-cancer and other cheese: enhance resistance, solid teeth, calcium and other figs: heat, spleen, swelling, blood circulation and other pistachios: neurasthenia, anemia, malnutrition and other raisins: eliminate fatigue、恢复视力等【冬季养生‘煮’】苹果:煮熟了有止泻等作用梨:蒸熟了具有清热润肺、止咳化痰等枣:蒸熟的枣比生枣更容易消化山楂:蒸Cooked hawthorn does not hurt the spleen and stomach grapefruit skin: boiled with honey, soup, digestion, mites, hangover, beauty and other effects[healthy breakfast]soy milk: suitable for those who are afraid of fat, with fried eggs, poached eggs and other pure milk: suitable for allPeople, with bread, cereals and other breakfast milk: suitable for people with lactose intolerance, with bread category porridge: suitable for people who need stomach, with buns and other fruit and vegetable juices: suitable for detoxification of the intestines, free to match[winter health reminds youForging炼Do not play the body too soon!

Don’t go to the shower every winter!

Warm feet and sleep at night!

Do not eat breakfast stomach can not stand!

Drink mutton soup warm and good health!

May you warm and happy in winter!