Don’t be busy sleeping after a man’s sex life

Don’t be busy sleeping after a man’s sex life

Men often feel tired after sex, so many people like to fall asleep and think that this will eliminate fatigue.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Sleeping immediately after sex can even cause the woman’s unhappiness, and the post-fatigue after ejaculation continues until the next day.

  Usually, when a couple lives a sexual life, they start from sexual excitement and end their orgasm. Under normal circumstances, the duration is about 5-20 minutes, and it is longer than this.

During sexual life, the human sympathetic nerves are in a state of high tension, and various hormones, especially sex hormones, are secreted.

At this time, both sex organs are highly congested, and from the sexual excitement to the high tide, many tissues of the body are also involved in this special physiological process, such as: rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, accelerated breathing, and systemic skin blood vessels.Expansion, increased sweating, etc.

Therefore, in this process, the energy consumption of the body is significantly increased and the metabolism is enhanced.

  The reason why there is fatigue after sex life is mainly due to the fact that the control of the cerebrospinal fluid that discharges semen is interrupted after the ejaculation.

During ejaculation, the nerves are excited and nervous, and the nerves and spinal cord reflex nerves relax after ejaculation.

  Young people are sensitive and active, so they recover quickly, and some even recover immediately.

In elderly people, the nerve response is slow, and the recovery time is relatively offset. If you fall asleep immediately after ejaculation, the reflex function that causes fatigue will continue to decrease, and the fatigue will be difficult to disappear.

  Do not sleep immediately after sexual intercourse, get up and continue to do some daily things, can make the reflex nerves that have become dull due to sexual stimulation to recover smoothly.

If you fall asleep immediately after the completion of the event, the slow effect of sleep plus the slow effect of sexual stimulation, causing fatigue until the next day, let you backache.

  Therefore, after sexual intercourse, remember not to turn to sleep immediately; watch TV, get up for a drink of water, or sleep slowly with your wife, will not let fatigue last until the next day.