Monternet Group (002123): High-level cooperation with Alibaba Cloud to create a strong B-side service ecosystem in the 5G era

Monternet Group (002123): High-level cooperation with Alibaba Cloud to create a strong B-side service ecosystem in the 5G era

The company announced today that the subsidiary Shenzhen Mengwang Technology Development Co., Ltd. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd., and the two parties agreed to conduct products and technologies, 上海夜网论坛 solutions and services, and joint marketing in the areas of smart cities, governments, and enterprises.Comprehensive exchanges and cooperation with development, etc., to jointly promote the development of cloud service business in related fields.

The details highlight the level and depth of cooperation between the two parties.

There are three aspects of the recent cooperation. A lot of details of the recent cooperation highlight the depth of the collaboration between the two parties: 1. During the cooperation period (three years), at least 10 benchmark customers and cases have been established in the financial and government industry, and the joint solution will not be shortened. 22. In the near future, the two parties will select benchmark customers in the financial field to jointly promote Alibaba Cloud’s financial cloud-related products, form cooperation cases and collaborative models, and further promote them to a range of customers; 3. Both parties will jointly explore theRegional cooperation to operate smart city and digital city product solutions will promote the rapid promotion and landing of Alibaba’s superior products in the fields of retail, e-commerce, logistics, transportation and other fields; 4. Both parties will jointly develop and promote Alibaba Cloud-based smart externalHu, cloud communication proprietary trumpet, AI cloud Xiaomi, mobile message push, CEN and other solutions.

The form of cooperation is mutually beneficial.

Alibaba Cloud has identified 2 billion Fuxin (three years) and 10 billion SMS messages annually.

At the cooperation level (three years), the cloud computing resources that Monternet Technology purchased from Alibaba Cloud will reach more than 1,500 times.

Cooperative product three-dimensional theory, to create overall solutions for different industries.

Monternet Technology cooperated with Alibaba Cloud this time, committed to building the ability of cloud computing overall solutions in different industries, using enterprise service numbers, Fuxin, and video ringtones to provide marketing service capabilities for merchants and partners in the Alibaba ecosystem.

The competitive advantage of the company’s SMS business was further strengthened.

The market has huge expectations for corporate short message business. In the first three quarters of 2019, the national mobile short message business volume increased for ten years.

8%, while the growth rate was 14% in the same period last year, and the growth continued to accelerate.

According to industry research, the company has more than 200,000 corporate users and increased its market share from 2% to 12% over five years, becoming the third-party enterprise SMS service provider with the highest domestic market share.

Alibaba’s annual tens of billions of SMS purchase orders and a large number of B-end corporate customers will continue to consolidate the company’s leading advantage in the enterprise SMS market.

The continuous landing of Fuxin has become the norm, and the heavy-duty cooperation on the industrial side is also the norm. A powerful toB service ecosystem in the 5G era is on the horizon.

Since this year, Ali, Tencent, Huawei, and Twilio have formed cooperation with the company, and part of the company has been fully recognized by the industry in the 5G era.

Through this cooperation, Fuxin recorded 2 billion Fuxin orders in the third three years this year. Currently, it has continued to land in scenarios such as e-tickets, ETC, and e-commerce ecology. The continued implementation of model cases provides for the subsequent development of Fuxin.Convenient foundation.

With the advent of the 5G era, the company is accelerating the creation of a powerful toB service ecosystem.

Investment suggestion: The implementation and cooperation of the company and Alibaba Cloud in multiple scenarios. In the future, Alibaba’s huge B-end customer volume will provide huge space for the company’s operation and business development.

Increase the company’s EPS to 0 in 2019-2020.

50 yuan, 0.

92 yuan, maintain Buy-A rating, raise 6-month target price to 30 yuan.

Risk reminders: Fuxin’s promotion is less than expected; industry competition is intensified; fair incentive assessment targets are less than expected.