Longevity food is so easy to get

Longevity food is so easy to get

There are so many foods in our lives that help us live for centuries. Maybe it’s just an inconspicuous fruit around us. Food can help us live forever, and in addition to the world’s ten recognized foods that can help us live longer.In addition, in fact, there are still many foods in daily life that can help us live longer. Do you know them?

Today, bring these foods that are common in life but are forgotten by us!

  Conditioning the body: yoghurt We all know that yoghurt is derived from the processing of milk. The nutrition of milk yoghurt is higher, and the nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body, and the yoghurt can keep our endocrine in one.Balanced state, quantifying yoghurt can help us digest food, what is food? The “fine” in “fine spirit” is absorbed from food, and people with good digestive system tend to live longer, that is,It can enhance our immunity and reduce our chances of getting sick. Disease is also one of the demons that hinder our longevity.

  Fungus group: Mushroom mushroom is a kind of food that can help us live longer. Mushrooms are rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other elements that have large oxides for us, and its trace content is very low but the protein content is very high.A health food for all ages, and mushrooms can help us fight cancer, resist physical aging, improve the body’s immunity, prevent many diseases, and although mushrooms have many benefits, we don’t eat often, somePeople think that mushrooms are poisonous. In fact, this is not right. Eating mushrooms can help us resist aging. He is a good longevity food!

 The Spirit of Shanzhen: Some friends of fungus do not like to eat fungus, but the nutritional value of fungus is very high. His appearance rate on our table has always been high. The fungus has the reputation of “black jewel”.The role of blood, detoxification, hemostasis and swelling, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can help us avoid stones. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases help us solve all these diseases that endanger life safety.

Escort our longevity road.

  Black Pearl: Black rice and black rice have a good nourishing effect. Many people call it “longevity rice” and the nutritional value of black rice is often about a quarter higher than that of white rice, and black rice can help us to supplement the missing traces in the body.The elements, nourish the liver and spleen, nourish the kidneys, remove the impurities in the blood, some of the above can often be healthy and longevity as long as they sit a little, not to mention the black rice at the same time, and the postpartum anemia mother and anemia childrenYou can quickly improve this situation by eating more black rice, and we rarely have to eat black rice in life. This has to be said to be a pity!

  The fruit of longevity: Tomatoes and tomatoes are widely loved because they can resist cancer and have a delicious feeling. Why can tomatoes help us to live longer? This is mainly because the element of “lycopene” in tomatoes is called a plant.The gold in it is partially visible. Lycopene is one of the strongest antioxidants in nature. It can promote the growth of our cells and delay the aging of cells. We are made up of cells, delaying the aging rate of cells.It is to delay our own aging speed and achieve the goal of longevity.

  Blood donation: Spinach spinach not only supplements blood and iron, but also prevents cancer. But these are not the protagonists of today. Today’s protagonist is rich in vitamin E in spinach. Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant, it can be effective.The oxidation of tissue cells, then what is the oxidation of cells, you can think of it as the old cells to transfer the energy of life to the new cells, but the energy will be lost in the process of transmission, which is the aging of life.One reason, but spinach can effectively organize this process, delaying the process of life aging is to extend the length of life is not this reason!

  The process of wine people’s life is the process in which metal is oxidized in nature. In nature, we are gradually oxidized. Then some people say that if we leave oxygen, we can’t survive. What is the situation?Our body is not the “oxygen free radicals” contained in oxygen or oxygen. The wine is rich in antioxidants. We can properly eliminate the “oxygen free radicals” in the body to help us delay the aging process.In order to achieve the purpose of making us healthy and longevity, how many wines do we fit in every day?

Recommended for middle-aged men here is 100 per day?
150 ml, no more than 110 ml per day per day, ladies can reduce the amount of “oxygen free radicals” on our body by appropriately reducing the amount of more than 10 ml on the basis of men!