Teach you to use a towel to relieve fatigue and restore your look

Teach you to use a towel to relieve fatigue and restore your look

The forehead of the oil, the large pores, make the skin no longer as clean as jade; the swollen eyes, the bulging eye bags make people suddenly listless; and the sun is red, hot face and a lot.

In fact, solving these skin problems is quite simple, and an ice towel can play a very good role.

  Dr. Li Liwei, Department of Dermatology, Jingxi Hospital, Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, said that when you need to use it, you can wrap the towel that is clean and aligned in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.Cold applied.

  The ice towel has shrinkage capillaries, reduces skin burning, headache itch, relieves irritation, relieves skin allergic reactions and the like.

Using an ice towel with some materials for cold compressing, you can combine to eliminate eye edema, shrink pores, and relieve skin sunburn.

  Ice towel + bag of tea.

  Because the rest is not good at night, the eyes are prone to edema in the morning.

At this time, the used bag of tea can be wrapped in an ice towel and applied to the eyes for about 10 minutes to help relieve eye swelling.

Because the tannin contained in the tea is a good astringent, the ice towel can shrink the capillaries around the eyes, help the skin around the eyes to swell, and the tired eyes can quickly recover.

  Ice towel + lotion.

  For those who have excessive oil secretion and large pores, the first thing to do is to wash your face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing products, then take some astringent lotion and apply it with an ice towel to help shrink pores.Makes the skin feel very refreshing.

  Ice towel + aloe vera.

  After exposure to the sun, the skin will become red and hot. At this time, cold compress with an ice towel will calm the skin and reduce the irritation.

After applying the face with an ice towel, cut the fresh aloe vera into thin slices and stick it on the wooden board to better alleviate the sun damage to the skin.

Because aloe vera has a good nourishment and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.