Nourishing health care bird’s nest articles

Nourishing health care bird’s nest articles

The practice of bird’s nest (traditional swallows):?

, choose a good Yan Yan;?

Take a bowl, add water, and add the scorpion.

After the bubble is completed, retract it;

Use tweezers to remove the fine hair and impurities from the soaked bird’s nest and rinse it with water several times;

Tear the cleaned bird’s nest into strips, try not to break it;

, the pot outside the pot is filled with water, the liner is added to the bird’s nest and the adapted pure water;

Add water to the cauldron, add the saucepan to the cauldron, boil over the fire, and simmer until the fire is slow, about 40-45 minutes;

Pour the stewed bird’s nest into a bowl and add it according to your personal taste. Add rock sugar water, coconut milk, milk, wolfberry, fruit and so on.

7 major precautions for stewing bird’s nest (1) Try to use cold water in the bird’s nest. Do not use hot water to make hair (Yan Anju is stewed pure bird’s nest without foaming, avoid picking).

(2) Bird’s nest is best stewed with water. It is not advisable to use sputum and boil to prevent the loss of nutrients.

(3) If you want to eat sweet bird’s nest, it is best to use rock sugar, not white sugar and brown sugar.

(4) Bird’s nest should pick hair, picking hair should pay attention not to destroy the swallow, the swallow stew will taste better (Yan Anju is stewed pure bird’s nest free foam, avoid picking).

(5) The taste can not be mixed. The bird’s nest is cooked with pure soup. It is suitable for salty chicken broth, mushroom broth, sweet edible coconut juice, almond juice and rock sugar.

(6) Bird’s nest is both salty and sweet, but from all aspects, sweets are better.

Usually, the same composition of dried bird’s nest is used as a dessert for more than 1/3 of the salty food.

The effect of bird’s nest on women: women often eat bird’s nest to maintain skin, make skin moist, smooth, elastic and elastic regulation to regulate endocrine circulation, bird’s nest for women’s skin care, make skin smooth and white, reduce facial wrinkles, remove acne, blood and blood circulation,Going to a new birth, women’s menstrual discomfort, menstrual pain, menstruation and more good results.

The effect of bird’s nest on pregnant women: Women need the most nutrients during pregnancy. Because the bird’s nest is rich in active protein, it can promote the growth of human tissues and improve immunity.

Pregnant women eat bird’s nest can almost nourish the mother, bird’s nest acid contained in bird’s nest can replace the future newborn baby more strong, white, and enhance resistance.

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